04 The cave

“Get up little girl, I don’t like this type of ceremonies. Also, perhaps in a moment you will be not so willing to do it. But first, we have to find a cave or a place to hide you. You will be weakened by the transformation and you will be easy prey for animals and people. Now take a weapon and follow me.”

There was a knife and swords, I tried one of the swords, but both were too heavy, so I had to choose the knife and began to move.

I began to follow her, for many hours until we found a cave. It was very humid and not very large and it had a terrible smell. “It has an animal smell —she said—, probably it is occupied; but there is no animal here that I can’t kill, so there is nothing to worry about. Enter the cave.”

 I entered and could smell the stench. It was very strong, and perhaps I would have vomit if I already didn’t do that before. I was almost dark but I could see the silhouette of some animals. My master began to shine with a intense red, and now I knew what kind of animals they were: two foxes near their cubs, they were protecting them. I could hear their growling. It was funny to think that some animals were better at protecting their children that my own parents… very funny.

“Hello there —my master began to speak to the animal, as if they could understand her—, we only need the cave for some days. We don’t want to fight with you, and while we are here, this cave will be the safest place in all the forest, you will not have to worried about your cubs, and after we have finished our business I will give you a gift. What do you say?”

The foxes stopped their growling, but they were seeing my master as if they were analyzing her, and each other with little grumblings like if they were talking while analyzing her words. I didn’t know that animals could do that. The dogs at my house were intelligent but not in that way.

The bigger fox began to bark, and my Master hear it attentively. “Yes, —respond my teacher— you have my word. Perhaps there will be some screaming, but I will shield any sound. And believe me the gift I will give you would be good for all of you. Believe me, if I wanted to kill you, we will not be talking right now”.

Some more grumbling between the foxes, and the bigger one, nod to her. I was impressed.

“Master, -I told her— I didn’t know that foxes were so intelligent”.

“Not all the foxes are, but these are very special. You could not feel it, but they have a tiny wisp of spiritual god fox’s’ blood. The spiritual gods are supreme beinsg that not many cultivator, even that their peak, could dominate. And these type of being began as simple as this foxes, so you could say that this type of foxes are a type of animal cultivators…”

“Master, animal can also be cultivators?!”

That was very shocking to hear, if some animal could have powers beyond common understanding, they could kill normal humans like we kill ants.

“In this world, every living thing that want to follow a dao can be a cultivator. For humans is easier to do it, but we are not the only ones. Even a tree, after thousands of years, will have a chance to become one”.

“A tree? What marvelous thing is the dao that allows to do that? What is dao? —I ask very amazed of this new world that will soon will be also mine.

“Dao? Oh little girl, that’s a good question. A good question indeed! The dao have multiple forms and infinite ways. I know that you are very anxious to discover all, but you will have to wait. First, you will have to survive, before even tell you what is the dao.”

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