41 The Turtle Metal Sect I

That night, we went to the inn to dinner with the couple. They were surprised that we had enlisted in that sect. They told us that when that sect came, it was a middle one and gain a lot of disciples very quickly thanks to the way it advertised itself. They claimed that its technique was the best under the heavens and always made demonstrations about their techniques. The other middle and big sects didn’t care too much about their boosting because everyone had make the same in a way or another while trying to recruit disciples; but the smaller sects were angry because even their disciples liked to join the Turtle Metal Sect.

To prevent that they asked for a competition. The Turtle Sect was very pleased, they were so sure to overpower all the others sects, that even proposed rules that put it in disadvantage. The smaller sects accepted, but where angry that they were underestimated.

At the competition they were not able to win any round against the Turtle sect. Not even their most powerful and old disciples could win against the younger disciples of the sect. Their faces were torn apart, and many sect simply ceased to exist that day because of the shame.

That was the peak of the turtle Sect, their youngs were so proud of that, that even began to boast that they were not only more powerful than all the sect in the city, even more than the three great ones.

The great ones didn’t care. It was like a mouse boasting about its strength to a dragon. But their boasting began to be more and more shameless. Now not only the youngs were the ones doing it, but also the senior disciples. They were trying to fight against disciples of other sects on the streets, like thugs. The other sects were angry but they didn’t try to fight back with punches. It would be a bloody business that could escalate terribly, they didn’t want to gain the ire on the City Lord. So they demanded a tournament to see what sect was more powerful, but this time there was a rule. No fights on the streets, all would be decided at the ring. . The Turtle Sect again agree.

But you know? Pride is the poison of cultivators. By that moment even the teachers were prideful, they were always talking about how great their sect was. Every time you saw a group of then, they began to say that they were undefeatable under the heavens. All were angry about that, but the rule was in place, and they had to wait until the day to silence them. As no one tried to say anything against that, they turned more aggressive, and not only the teachers were like that, but the elders and even the Sect Master. All of them was a bunch of arrogant people that truly believed that they were the best.

One day the Sect master went to the Profound Lotus, the best restaurant in the city, and demanded a table. All the tables were full, but there was one that could share if he wanted. He accepted and didn’t say anything else, because it was not only the best restaurant, but it was also the apple of the eyes of the Wonton Soup Sect. We was shameless but not stupid… not much at least.

The witnesses that day tell many stories, one more exaggerated than the other, but all say that the Sect Master at first was courteous with the man already eating, but then began to ask if he would finish soon, because he preferred to eat alone. The man responded that he would eat his food as always and the Sect Master was even invited to have a part of his meal for free if he wanted.

The silence was awkward after that, but the Sect master didn’t say anything else after the meal of the man came. Then he saw that the man had order a full banquet. There was plate after plate of food. The man invited the Sect master again, but this time he exploded. He began to scream that he didn’t want to share his table, and didn’t want to eat all that food. He even said that only pigs could eat like that. The man who was amicable until that moment, stood up and asked for an apology.

“Do you know who I am, pig? I’m the Sect master of the metal Turtle Sect, the one undefeatable under heavens. No human being is above me, all are beneath my feet, and you want me to apologize? Bah! If a pig like you could eat in a place like this, that means that this place is worthless.”

That was the last word of the undefeatable under heavens. The man quickly grasped the Sect Master’s neck and drag him out of the restaurant. The Sect Mater was fighting to be released, but it was impossible to him. The man dragged him all the way to the Metal turtle Sect, and with a kick, he broke the doors. That not only attracted all the teachers and elders of the sect, but many people outside. “This man says that he is the only under the heavens and the rest is under him, is that right?” The sect master was purple and all his strength was almost gone; suddenly he was on fire. The man keep grasping him from the neck, the fire was not affecting him. The fire lasted until no part of the Sect master left behind.

All the elders knew in that moment that the Sect Master had step on a tiger’s tail. “Now, all of you, com and fight to see the truth in his words.” All of them were afraid, one of the elders tried to kowtow, but before he knees were on the ground, he was on fire. ”Fight or die”, was the only thing that the man said before killing all the elders. Many teachers there were only contracted, they were not part of the sect, but they were also afraid. “Tell me who is from the sect and who is contracted”, the man demanded. At first nobody wanted to say anything, but he began to kill without care, soon the contracted ones sold the members. “Good! Unity! That’s what an undefeatable sect needs!” And began to kill all the members and maimed the contracted.

He was about to begin with the disciples, but an old man stepped in his way. “Are you also a member?”, said the man. “No, only the gardener. I don’t know what happened between your majesty and them, but this younglings are not to blame.” All could see how that man was shaking, he was not a cultivator, only a normal mortal man. “Good! —the man laughed—From now on you will be the new Sect Master. Anyone who tries to change this, will be killed. Select some of the teachers to be elders, the other was will be expulsed from the city. And your sect will not disband and will be taxed at 50% for one hundred years.

But I always try to be just as the City Lord, so I know that soon will be a tournament. I want it to make it permanent, it’s good for the younglings of the sects to release some steam. So you will participate and if you don’t obtain the last place, I will forgive the taxation. Not a bad deal, don’t you think? But for now the city will take half of your belongings and also will expel from the city all the students who began to fight on the streets. I have their names. Good luck with the tournament!”

And saying that, he left.

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