42 The Turtle Metal Sect II

“Wait, are you telling me that from all the men who the Sect Master could pick up a fight, he had to do it with the City Master?”, Meng Shang spoke as surprised as I was.

“Yes —said the merchant—, I have always heard tales aout the City master. He is one of the most affable persons you will know. He is modest and he never use his fist first, but he is angry. Well, now you know.”

It was obvious why the new Sect Master used that condition to help us. They were very screwed.

“So this happened some months ago?”, I asked.

“Months? Years! Ten years had passed since that day —said the wife while munching some vegetables—. My uncle lived in this city when this happened, and he saw the tournament. It was a disaster for the turtle sect. Could you imagine? All their true elders were dead, half of the treasury was gone, the best disciples were exiled and even the Sect Master was a simple gardener! All their haughtiness was gone. And the disciples that remain were very shocked and they moral was low. They lost every match. Worst of all, the opponents, fought to restore the face they lost while losing the street brawls and while enduring the humiliation. The disciples of the turtle sect were almost crippled.

After that, most of then quitted. Who would wanted to stay there? To prevent that all the disciples leave, the Sect Master had to low the tuition so much that it is almost risible. Only people that don’t have too much money or abilities to be in a better sect stays.”

“But in ten years they always end in last place? —I asked—, the disciple are that bad?”

“There have been good prospects that achieved the semi-mortal stage, even a genius! The sect tried to pamper him when they discovered his abilities, but he moved to another sect that could give him more, that also happened to everyone else.”

“But they were formal disciples and they were not expelled, how they simply could quit the sect?” —asked Meng Shang. When you join a sect, you join for live. Even the people who were expelled from the city were still part of the Turtle Metal Sect. It was taboo to try to change sects, some ones could even kill the person who tried. Perhaps, in another city were nobody knows them, they could start anew in another sect, but here? I had to be impossible to do that.

“Nobody cares”, said the couple at the same time.

After thinking about, it made sense. It was a sect that lost all its face, didn’t have money nor power, and the most important person in all the city was against them. Who would care if someone move from that sect to another? The situation of that sect was much more critical than what I imagined. It was terrible, and now we were part of all that.

I really hoped that all this was worth it.  Really, really hoped.

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