43 The Sect’s disciples

The next day, we returned to the sect. Now we knew why they needed us, and we didn’t think that it would be too difficult to not be at last place. If that could give us the information we needed, we were happy for that.

Who were also happy was the Sect Master, I think that he believed that we would not come back. “Good, good, welcome back! —he said—. I will show you the disciples that you will train!”

Train? That wasn’t part of the deal. We were here to fight in the tournament, not to train anyone, especially me who had entered the cultivation world only recently.

“Well, not to train them exactly —he explained after seeing our discomfort—, only give them a few pointers. They lack a lot of the knowledge that you as semi-mortals have.”

“We are not here to train anybody, your sect have teachers and elders to do that. Why would us have to do that? —Meng Shang was irritated. He was very angry at that change, perhaps it was because he wanted to know more about that person quickly or perhaps he didn’t like the change in the agreement. He was a cultivator for a longer time than me, so maybe it affected him more.

“We wouldn’t be so shameless is we didn’t have more options —said the Sect Master while kowtowing—, nobody want to teach at our sect, and all the elders I selected preferred to leave the city than being here. The only one who have been teaching is my brother, but he was only a low student when the debacle happened and his is only at the middle quasi-mortal rank. We have tried to teach this children most of what we can, but is not enough. These children don’t have resources to go to other sect, some of them are even orphans that we care even with our meager funds. We have sold almost all our valuables. We will give you access to all the secret techniques we have fi you wanted them, we have tried to sold even these, but nobody want them! You are the only one that could help us!”

Even if he was a mortal, he was still a Sect Master, seeing the kowtowing Meng Shang was appeased. It was something unimaginable for a Sect Master to do that to a juniors like us. He was no cultivator, but even so, he had to keep up the face of the sect. Also, the techniques of the sect were the life and blood of the ancestors, trying to sell it or even giving it fror free, was something that not many sect could think about it. “You decide” —I told to Meng Shang.

“We will help in what we can, only until the tournament is over. But you have to give us some resources and the access to the techniques. If you try to add a single more request, the deal is over.”

The Sect master was still kowtowing and he and his brother began to cry. We could see their sincerity, so we would do everything we could to help them. “Please rise up —said Meng Shang—, for this time you are our Sect Master and you should not do this again to us”.

When the Sect Master stand up, Meng Shang showing respect said, “Disciple salute Sect Master!” I followed him. The Sect master was still crying.

We asked to see the disciples. We need to know exactly what we were getting into. The brother, and only elder, called all the disciples. They were only 12, from different ages. Most of them were not much younger than Meng Shang, and only one had the same age as me. The elder introduce as not as disciples but as teachers. Many of the kids were not amused, but when he said that we were semi-mortals, their eyes brighten up. Ten of then were simply mortal, and two were, including the older, were at low quasi-mortal rank. It was worse than we could imagine.

We asked to show us their mortal level techniques. They were very sloppy, even the two cultivators. Well, it makes sense, if their teacher from the beginning was a low disciple, he didn’t know well how to practice it.

After seeing this, they asked to the elder to show them the techniques. They had to learn some of them to teach it, and perhaps they could even be of some us to them. “Tomorrow, we’ll begin to teach you —I said—, for now do what you always do.”

The mortal kids were very excited, but the young cultivators were skeptic. I could not complain about it, in their position, perhaps I would be like them.

Well, in any case, it was time to look the techniques of the “ones under heaven”.

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