44 Turtle bites, Shell defends

“What do you think about our disciples?”, the elder ask while we were walking to the Sect’s repository.  “Senior, I’m new in the path of cultivation —I said honestly—, but what I saw was bad. Their mortal techniques had a lot of flaws. Their concentration is almost not existent so it difficult to them to meditate. Even the ones who are quasi-mortal are not in the best shape. Their qi is poor, their techniques are also bad, and I could see that they temper is not the best. I think that even a well prepared mortal could win in a battle with one of them.”

Meng Shang nodded, and the elder blushed. He knew that what I said was true, and he was ashamed because he was the one who has been teaching them. Nobody could blame him, with the conditions of the sect, there were not much that he could do. We walked silently to the repository. He gave me two elder tokens. They were necessary to enter the repository, without then a barrier would prevent entry to anyone. Meng Shang took one, and we entered.

It was a small room, with only tenths of books. The elder explained that many elders chosen by the Sect Master simply disappeared with many books. It was disgraceful, because they were chosen by their ethics and good disposition. It was a big blow to the already hit sect. “At least they couldn’t steal the core techniques —said the elder—, these techniques are guarded by a strong array, and only the Sect Master, a cultivator Sect master, can take it.

Well that was also bad for the sect, they had something that they needed by nobody to obtain it. It was really a terrible situation. ”This book will serve to know more about our sect, these are most basic techniques, and I can show you then if you like.” Like techniques were two: Turtle bites and Shell defends. The forms was a punch that destroyed a stone statue like is was nothing. “With more power —the elder explained—, it can even destroy steal as if it was paper.”

Next was the Shell defends. It was obviously a defensive technique. He ask me to hit him hard at the stomach. I wasn’t so sure about that, but he insisted, he said he would be fine. I didn’t use all my power, but it was not low either. If the hit landed, he could have a lot of broken ribs. I hit, but apart for step back some steps, he wasn’t injured. I was amazed, and asked how the techniques worked. He could only give me a few pointer and said that the rest we will have to study. Fair enough. It was good techniques.

After analyzing them, they were easier than we thought. Turtles bites was about to release your qi in an instant. I t was same thing similar as the knife my master have gifted Meng Shang, but with the fist. With a little practice, it was not difficult to do. Shell defends however was more difficult. It was about to condense your qi in a specific point of impact, so you could reduce the damage. If was not bad, but it require precision by doing so, and it was difficult to do when they were attacking you multiple times.

They were not bad, but the techniques that my Master gave us, were much better. Even if I couldn’t still use it. “ I like this Turtle bites —said Meng Shang to me—, it almost made it for me. I think that I will try to master it, and I think that it would be good if you master the other one. You have not master the one that the Goddess gave you, so at least you need something to protect yourself.

He was right. I couldn’t understand why my master gave me a difficult technique to learn. Every time that I tried to used, it exploded. Using opposite elements in an attack was very risky, and I couldn’t master the simplest things. For now this turtle techniques perhaps could be useful.

We study most part of the night, I realized that techniques and the mortal techniques that they were studied were like opposites. Mortal techniques were the base of the other ones, if you not teach the adequate, your other most complicated techniques will not be good, worse than mediocre. If they would use these techniques, we would have to change their form to train. We hoped, that this would not cause problems, but we knew that probably it would.

Another thing that we discovered, was that these techniques were only level one of three, and the other books detailing the other parts were missing. We hoped that the bad elders didn’t steal them, but for now, we could only teach what we had at hand. We prepared our methods, and we were almost ready to teach something to this kids.

And hope for the best.

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