45 Meditation

At the practice time, we gather the disciples and made two groups, one of the mortals and the other with the cultivators. Meng Shang would be the one who would teach the latter, and I the former. At first, I wanted t teach them, but he said that probably they will try to fight, and after losing to a junior much stronger than them, they would understand that they were nothing but newbies.

Meng Shang went to them to another part of the Sect, I saw their faces of contempt. He was right, and they would learn a valuable lesson that day. I stayed with all the mortals, they were expectant. They knew how powerless they were, and even that everyone else was mocking them, but they don’t had other option than to stay there. It was not only their sect, but their home.

“Do you know why you have to meditate?”, I asked to the children. Like kids, no one raised their hands, so I selected one to explain it. “We do it to become cultivators”, he said meekly.

“Yes, that’s true —I responded smiling at him—, but why we have to do that? Why meditation is important? You can meditate for all your life and never become a cultivator, so… what do you need to do to become one?”

Nobody said anything. This time I saw that they didn’t know the answer, they were trying to think about it. Even the elder who was with me, began to ponder. That was a little bizarre, but not unexpected.

“When you meditate to become a cultivator, you don’t do it thinking about becoming one. You have to meditate about yourself first. Do you understand why?”

“But teacher! —one of the kids interrupted— I know who I am. Why do I have to think about it?”

“Then tell me, who you are?”

“I’m Chen, I was abandoned at the sect an all my life have live here. I’m 8 years old and I want to be a cultivator.”

Abandoned? I looked at the elder and he slightly nodded. I had heard it that sometimes people did that, but hearing it, it was something different.

“Good! But that inly is half of the answer —I said calmly—. You are Chen, an abandoned kid who is rised by this sect and want to be a cultivator. What else? You are nothing more than that? Who are really you?”

Chen began to think, but every time he tried to say something, he stopped. I have to say that this question is difficult to answer, when my Master question me exactly that at the beginning of my meditation, I didn’t know how to answer neither. Only when I begin to introspect I see my soul seed I began to understand what I was. Even now that answer is difficult to respond, because being a cultivator is the way of knowing yourself and the universe. Not even great master could answer this question with all its complexity. But the first step to being a cultivator was to think about it. At least that was what my Master said.

“Does any have and answer of who you are? —I continued— if you have one, answer it. If don’t meditate about it. Try to do it all day, if you don’t have an answer by tomorrow, you don’t have to worry. Take it slow.”

The kids didn’t say anything and began to meditate. When I saw that they were really trying to think about it, I left. That was something that they have to do it alone. The elder went with me.

“When I studied here, no one said that to us —said the elder when we were far from the children—, meditation was always about being a cultivator and they gave us pills to help us become one.”

That surprise me, Meng Shang told me that there was this way to become one, but it was an easy one. Many of his family did that, but most preferred the other way. It’s was more difficult, but by beginning to understand the principles, then it would be easier to improve. But if was not frowned to take pills, everyone wanted power, and most don’t care how you do it.

“So the children who are cultivators, had taken pills?”

“Yes, he had a little, so we used in the ones that had better possibilities to become one.”

That made sense, and that was their qi was so poor. They have taken the path of pills, but still don’t know how to meditate, if they don’t they can’t consolidate their flux of qi. Probably the elder was the same. I wanted to see something that perhaps could help him. “Elder, I know is impolite to asking you this but… could I enter your innerself?” He was stunned for a moment, but he understand that I want to help him and nodded.

We went to an empty room, so nobody could see have we would do. Entering to the innerself of another person was not difficult, you only had to share a wisp of your consciousness to the other cultivator. Obviously he had to lower his mental barriers, for me to enter. The process went smoothly, and I could see how his inner self was.  

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