47 The scam

That night I compared the two books, the original one and the one that the elder had. Without a doubt, there were too different. The one from the elder relied too much on pills and not enough in meditation. I only knew what my Master had teach me so I wasn’t so sure if what it was written there was right. When I showed it to Meng Shag, he was curious. “This two forms of cultivation are viable —he said—, at least this book is not fake but…”

He was thinking the same as me, why would you give an entirely different cultivation method to the people of your own sect. it didn’t make any sense.

I called the Sect Master and the Elder to talk about this. It was very late, so the Sect Master was the last to come. He was very tired, but he was not angry for the call. He knew that something had to happen for us to call them.

We showed them the two books. The Sect master couldn’t understand anything, but the Elder was shocked. Even with his low cultivation, he could understand that the two forms were as night and day. “This can’t be… —he began to say—, impossible…”

“Tell me, it is true that this cultivation method is the basic one? It’s not for at least if you are a high quasi-mortal?”

The voice of the Elder was trembling. He couldn’t believe when I said that this was the basic to become a cultivator. It was something that children could learn.

“Brother! Brother! —the Elder said to the Sect master almost crying—, all our work! It was for nothing! It was a scam! A scam!”

The Sect Master didn’t understand what he was talking about. His brother explained. The sect originally began to be so popular because the admission fees to the exams were almost free. And the exams themselves were very easy, all the mortals who wanted to enter, did it. But when you were inside, you had to pay for the pills and resources for your cultivation. The only thing that they gave for free was the cultivation book. As more money you had, you could advance quicker. Many of the people who began with the Elder where the ones that were expelled by the City Lord.

He was about to quick but his brother convinced to stay, and even offered himself to be he gardener for free, in other to pay for his younger brother pills. The Sect accepted that because he was a renowned gardener, that even the City Lord’s manor had used his services. It was a good deal. Now they could see that all that was a scam. They didn’t need pills! They didn’t need anything the sect said that they needed!

What I didn’t understand was why they didn’t look up this information before. Ten years had passed since the sect was almost annihilated! They could have looked in all that time!

When I told him that, his face went red, and he was angry, but not at me, and himself. “All the time that I couldn’t advance with the most simply of the books. How would I ever consider to search the repository for something more? I was afraid that if I tried to read something and couldn’t understand it, my heart demon would grow much bigger and I would lose any possibility to advance.”

He simply couldn’t do it because he was afraid of not being good enough. In part, I could understand that, but that make him lost more than simple time. He almost lost all the Sect.

The Sect master began to cry also. He was guilty also, he knew that. Not because he was afraid, not because he was only a mortal, but because he didn’t do enough. He was trying to let survive the Sect that he forgot to revive it. If he has ordered the elder to enter the repository, perhaps something good would have happen. In his angry he threw his Sect Master token, he really was furious at himself for being not try anything. However, regrets are as meaningless as tears in the ocean.

In that moment they had the correct book, and both swore that they would do anything to make progress Even if they have to die.

They didn’t knew that the promise would be soon be tested.

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