48 The Sect Founder

The Sect Master and the Elder left, and I could talk with Meng Shang. He told me how he beat the crap out of the kids, and their learned the hard way how insignificant their cultivation was. I only could say that I was happy that he was not my Master. He went to sleep, but I kept reading a little more, I wanted to help that kids and perhaps I could find something else.

I picked up the token that the Sect Master threw, it was not broken. The quality of the token was incredible, and I can even felt some power in it. Later, I would ask the Sect Master about it, but I doubted that he knew something about that. I keep looking for more information. 

There were a part of the repository that was strange. Had a lot of scrolls, but no one of them was important. They were little stories that you could tell children before sleep, nothing more. Why these scrolls were there? Did the elder that robbed books put that scrolls? I didn’t make sense.

When I was near the scrolls, the token of the Sect Master began to glow. I saw how an array was activated, and a door was opened. I wanted to return to talk to everybody, but soon I realized that I was not longer in the repository. It was a strange place, very bright and with a lot of turtle motives. I knew that the sect was called Metal Turtle, but so many images of turtles were too much. It was like they were turtle fanatics.

“So finally you have come —said a thundery voice—, I have waited many years for my food. I hope that you didn’t forget this time.”

After a strange sound like sounded like breathing the place began to quake. “You are not the Sect Master! Little thief! You will not see the light of day again!”

I trying to explain, but the noise was too much, and even if I could, I doubt he would believe me. “Die thief!” His attack was a soul attack, he wanted to destroy my soul. If my body died, I could enter the cycle of reincarnation, but if my soul died, it was the end of all. I closed my eyes, thinking about my Master, and that I could even start my revenge. I felt pain, and it stopped.

“Who is the poor soul that tried to attack the soul of my disciple?!”

If the unknown voice was thundering, this voice that I heard so many times were terrible to hear.

“Master!”, I was glad that she have wake up. I was worried that something could have happened to her for helping us, but now I saw that she was in good condition, I was relieved.

“Thieves have to die!”, retorted the unknown voice.

“A frog deciding who will die, when this Queen is right here? Try it I we would eat a god barbeque frog!”

“Frog?! Do you have call me a frog?! I’m a divine turtle, who are you who thinks that could came hi and insult me! You will perish!”, said the voice more angry than ever.

“Turtle? Ha! You are simply a frog who live in a well. Try little frog, and we’ll see who is the true master here!”

There was silence. I forget even to breath. I didn’t felt any surge of qi in any of them, but the feeling of dreadfulness was there.  In any moment an event that could destroy all the sect could happen, and I was in the center of all.

“So, if she is not a thief, why does she have the Sect master token?” the not anymore thundering voice said.

My master told me to explain all, so I did. With every word I was saying, I could sense the movement of that master approaching with little quakes every time.  When I finished, I could see and giant turtle head. “What are you saying it’s the truth? Shameless! Shameless all of them! I would have killed myself if I knew that! They denied my teaching for some coins?! Shameless! And now the Sect master of MY sect is a mortal?! A mere mortal! I would have kill them all! ALL!”

He was furious. I was really sure that if that Sect Master and Elders were still alive, they would have suffered a worse death than what they got. He kept rambling and swearing word that I had never heard, but made me blush.

“Little girl —said the turtle—, do you know something about the history of my sect?”

I responded no, so he began to talk about how he met a human when he was a little turtle, this human take care of him and everyday he talked about cultivation. One day, the turtle didn’t understand how, but he began to really understand his words, and that was how he started his path. He was with his companion for many years, they had multiple adventures, and many of them almost cost their lives, but they kept walking the path. But one day, his companions fell in love with a beautiful woman. He was happy for him, and the woman also was good. Sometimes the three went on adventures, but it was not as much as before. One day, they simple decided to stop doing that and wanted to form a family. They had many kids, and teach them how to cultivate. All of them called “Uncle Turtle” and he was happy. Years and years passed, and finally his companion died. Sadness was not a feeling that he was used to but that time, tears of turtle rain for a long time.

Many of the children grow up and left, some stayed with their mother. He also stayed and watched them. The woman died, and also the sons, and their sons began to call him “Master Turtle”. He kept with them and teach the way of cultivation. Many people practice with him, and also other people who was not part of the family began to learn his ways. Generations passed, and he was called “Venerable Founder”. Since that time he was treated almost like a god, and when they moved to this city, they constructed this sanctuary in his honor.

He stayed here, because he thought it was the way to honor him. Every year the Sect Master came here and gave him offerings. He was not happy with that, but he thought it was the way of this new generation. Now that he knew all the truth, he thought that the legacy of his friend would be lost forever, and even with a lost of face. That was the worst thing it could happen. All this memories and happiness were dirty by human greed.

“Little girl, I need to ask you for a favor.”

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