50 The New Sect Master

Hello everyone, I had a little problem with the chapters, apparently I don’t know how to count! So please, forgive me! This is the chapter 50! The other ones are in order, so don’t worry, but I until I find the culprit and change it please I hope you can understand how I suck at counting! Well For now, enjoy the chapter!

“Could you be the new sect master?”

I tried to understand what he was asking me. A sect master? This kind of title was for powerful people, not people like me. With my poor cultivation, I would be a joke of a sect master. I wanted to decline, but how to do it when a powerful being asked you that?

“No, she will not be your new sect master, old frog —my Master said firmly—. Her path is different, and she will be free to roam the world is she wants, not to be chained into the struggles of a sect.”

“But it’s better than a mortal or a quasi-mortal! —he retorted—. The sect is basically gone and she is the only one that knows about the situation and cares. If not her? Who? You?”

“Little frog, are you so old that your brain doesn’t work anymore? Think! Who can lead your own sect? Who do you think that have the power to stop any more loss of face? Who do you think it’s the better candidate?”

The turtle began to think and then realized. “Me? The sect master? I have never been a sect master. People call me ‘venerable founder’ for respect, but never because I was their leader. I can’t do it.”

The turtle was timid when he said that. He never thought that he could be the sect master, even if he was the older and most powerful being in the current sect.

“So this will be the end of the sect —my Master said as a matter of fact—. Even with their best effort, this sect will not reborn. You have lived enough to know how the things in the cultivation world are. You are the only one who can change that, if not, the legacy that you are so proud will end.

We can help you a little bit if you accept your role, but if not, after the tournament ended we will leave, and the sect will die.”

“Nothing in our world is permanent —spoke the turtle with regret—, all will change, even the Heavens. I was happy when his sons grew up, I was happy when they formed the sect, also when they told me to teach them. I was naïve thinking that the hearts of men would be always the same. When only the Sect master began to talk with me, I believed his words. When he put me in this so called “shrine”, I believed when he said it was for respect. At first he came every day and I was happy, and even when he started to come only once a year I was still happy thinking about the wonderful things he told me. When he didn’t come for years, I believed that it was because he was occupied.

Now the truth hurts, and I want to cry for all that is lost but you are right. If I want that the legacy still lives, I have to do it myself. If the hearts of man can change, this two thousand old turtle can also do it!

Little girl, please call the Sect Master and the Elder, bring them here. Things will change, they have to.”

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