51 Kowtow to the Founder

I called them and also Meng Shang. The first two were sleepy, but knew that if I had to wake up them again, something very important had happened. Before entering the shrine I explained very quickly what all was about. They couldn’t believe it. They were shaking, I didn’t know if it was for happiness or fear. We entered.

The first thing they saw was the head of a giant turtle. If I hadn’t tell them before, probably they would have been scared to dead. “So this mortal is the new Sect Master?” the turtle’s thundering voice asked.

The sect master was pale, he was shaken, he was frightened, he kowtowed. “Venerable Founder, this pitiful individual is the Sect Master. I know that doing that, the sect has lost all its face, and my bad decisions had made it worse. I will not try to explain myself, that’s a disgraceful behavior that the Venerable Founder should not hear. Punish me according to your law, but it I could do a shameless request, pardon the life of my brother. He had tried to help me, and his mistakes, are only the mistakes of this mortal and stupid Sect Master.” 

When the elder heard that, he kowtowed himself. He wanted to speak, but he didn’t know if speaking out of turn could made the Venerable Founder angrier. He didn’t want his brother to be punished, he had tried everything he could with his little knowledge to prevent the downfall of the sect. How, as a mortal, could he knew that the manual that he was using was not the original one? He knew that all what happen was worthy of dead, but he didn’t want his brother, the one who made so many sacrifices died like that.

The turtle looked at the elder and asked what will the punishment had to be in this case. The elder was white, he didn’t want to answer that. “Answer!” the voice yelled. “Venerable Founder —the Elder finally said—, he is blameless. As a mortal, he did what he could do. All the blame is mine. As a cultivator, I should have known better. I was scared to enter the repository, thinking that I would not understand the texts, it was me, who was afraid to grow a heart demon, that didn’t do my duty as an Elder. If you have to punish someone according to your law, it has to be me.”

“I see” it was the only thing that the turtle said. A dazzling light suddenly bright all the shrine, and the Sect Master and the Elder were thinking the worst, but they still kowtowed, they will at least died as men should die. But nothing happened.

“You are truly heirs of the legacy —said a soft voice—. Perhaps you did not enough, and perhaps you made mistakes, but you continued the sect in their worst time. Perseverance and patience are important things to have in the sect, but most important yet, is a link of brotherhood. You are indeed disciples of my Turtle Metal Sect”.

The turtle disappeared, and now it was a man who said that. If he was mortal, perhaps it could have 60 years old. He had a long white beard and he was bald. He was very skinny, you could see some of his bones. Especially because he was naked. This was the Venerable Founder in his human form.

I blushed, it was the first time I saw a naked man, even if he was and old man, but try to dissimulate. I was still acting as a man. My master giggled a little when she saw me, but quiet enough to only be heard by me.

The Sect Master was the first to get up and put his own gown to the turtle now man, then kowtowed again.

“Please, get up. From this moment we are part of the same family. And I will be the new sect master.”

There was a silence, and the turtle noted that the former Sect master wanted to say something. He allowed him to speak.

“Venerable Founder, It will my honor to be a disciple under your guide, but the City Lord put me in this position, and if you take control of the Sect, he will retaliate.”

“Hm! A little City Lord wants to fight with this King! I want to see that! But no… you are right. What matters is the sect. You will still be the Sect Master, but you will have to become first a cultivator. I will help you. You two will stay here and I will make you my two direct disciples. You will learn from me the true way of the Turtle Metal Sect. However, as the current Sect master will be busy, you need to have a deputy Sect master, is that correct?”

The current sect Master showed his understanding. He nodded happily. He never was denied the possibility of recruit people, simply nobody wanted to be recruited by them. So, if the Venerable Founder could appear as someone who wanted to join the Sect, there will be not a problem.

“So I believe that to be the deputy Sect Master —said the turtle—, I have to be the Supreme Elder, isn’t that right?”

That was the normal hierarchy in the sects. So he would be the new appointed Supreme Elder, and the true Sect Master under the shadows.

“From now on, you will not all me ‘venerable founder’, don’t forget and al will be Supreme Elder Gui.”

The two member of the sect kowtowed again. “Your orders are my command” said together.

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