52 The gift

The Sect Master and the Elder left. We were about to also left, when Supreme Elder Gui asked us to stay.

“I’m grateful that you have come. You made me realize how important is all this to me. If I could I would want to made you my disciples, but one already have one, and the other I can see that his physique is not compatible with the Turtle Metal ways. Even so, I want to give you both a gift.”

He disappeared, and then reappeared with a bottle. “This bottle contain four pills that will allow you to ascend to the quasi-divine stage. Take it, is all yours.”

I was ecstatic, I never believed that I could go to the next stage so soon. Perhaps in no time I could achieve the semi-divine stage. I would be awesome. I looked at my Master for permission and she nodded. In that moment I realized that she was bigger than before, at least the size of my arm. What happened when she went to sleep? I would ask her later, but probably she will not answer me.

“Old frog —my Master said—this kids will train the other disciples, but they need more time to learn your basic techniques. Do you have a way to make time?”

Supreme Elder Gui not enjoyed how my Master called him, but he didn’t say anything. He only responded that if they want more time, he could create a tiny time bubble for 24 hours, where an hour would be a day. My master was surprised for that. “So you have mastered a little of the power of time. It’s really something!”

Supreme Elder Gui grinned a little bit. “Turtles are patient beings, we have too much time to meditate about time. Right now this tiny bubble is the only thing that I can do, but now that I know that I have to improve the sect, I will surpass the current me, and even the power of time will be strong enough to fight against you.”

What he said was amazing, my Master was more powerful than he? I thought that they could have the same level, but that was not the case. I was really lucky to have her as my Master.

“Before you two take the pills, you will train not only in the turtle techniques but the ones I gave you. I can notice that you have not practice enough. Your training will commence right now.”

Meng shang and I looked at each other, we were sleepy, but we could not say anything. The hell would commence again, and we couldn’t do anything to prevent it. We sighed.

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