56 Teaching

Something strange happened to the disciples who were looking to us. All had incredulity writing in their faces, some even had the mouth open. They three people, but one of them was an unknown. He said to them than from now on he would be the Supreme Elder and the Sect Master and the Elder were in a mission so he would be the deputy Sect Master.

They saw this bald and old man, dressing in gold and white and then they began to look at Meng Shang and me. They were suspicious, perhaps they even thought that we had took the sect by force, but even if that was the case, they were powerless to do something. “As the Elder already said to you —said the Supreme Elder—, these senior disciples will teach you how to cultivate, however, you will cultivate the true path of the Turtle metal, not that useless thing that mocked the values of the turtle family.”

When they heard that, there was an uproar. The type of technique they were cultivating some ones for years was called useless. If that was useless, what were they doing all that time? All the disciples had disgust in their faces. The Supreme Elder laughed and released only a fraction of his power and only for less than a blink. They felt his power, they were afraid. That power was beyond what the elder ha, it was beyond what they could understand. “You will not try, but follow the way of the turtle —he continued—. You will see the difference. With this you will really have a chance to become true cultivators and lift again the name of our Metal turtle Sect.” Saying that, he left, leaving Meng Shang and me with them.

We divided the group as last time. The group with him followed him like little sheep, and my group was voiceless. For mortals like then, sensing that power was terrifying. “That’s what you will become when you are a cultivator as powerful as Supreme Elder Gui —I said—. Now I want to know how many of you did what I told you.”  Most of them began to breathe after hearing my voice. If was like a spell was broken and they could live again.

Chen rose up. “I did it, teacher.” Other three also rose up, but no one else. “I see, so who you are?” I asked thinking that I will heard something childish. “I don’t know who I am —he said without joking—. I have think about it, but I can’t find and answer. I could be many thing, but all that are meaningless. I only could said that I’m Chen, and nothing more than that.” That was… unexpected, perhaps his true path was to be a scholar. Some of the kids laughed, I he blushed, but he saw that I was taking him seriously so he was not ashamed. The other three responded childish answers, but at least they were trying. I complimented each of them and ordered the one who didn’t did it to begin to meditate all day without break. I took the four of them to another place, leaving the kids that didn’t do anything perplexed. They thought that I would teach them, but now I was abandon them. Some began to meditate, some began to talk, other to play. For now, I didn’t care about them, only for the one who had tried.

We entered to a room, and they were somewhat afraid, they didn’t understand what they did or why I was leaving only with them. “As I told you, to cultivate is to know who you are. My Master recently make me realize how difficult is to do that if you don’t understand where you are going. I will show you something unique to each of you, and you will know you better. Then I will commence teaching you the Metal turtle techniques. They will help you to become what you want to be, but you need to be patient. I will teach you the basics, and you will know inside you if you truly have the potential or not”.

I ordered the four of them to seat down. And began to meditate, I will go to each of them and show their true self, so they have to keep meditating. They commenced. I picked Chen first, “I will enter to your inner self, and you will began to understand what you are.”

I entered and I could see a very dim Chen in all the darkness. I was much brighter that him and he was really afraid. “Where we are? —he asked almost trembling— What this place?”

“All this is you —I explained—. When you said that you didn’t know who you are, you were near the truth. All this darkness is what you have to discover for yourself, and I will teach you to do that, at least a little bit of that. Now come and look at this.” I showed him his soul seed.

I explained to him the same my Master told me. He was enchanted by it. “When I become a cultivator will it grow?” he asked with emotion. “Yes, it will. That’s why you have to continue meditating, but this time you will use the true turtle’s techniques. Now it’s time to exit, I have to show the other guys the same. He keep staring at his seed, he didn’t want to go, but after calling him again, he went with me.

He open his eyes, and the rest could see how exited he was. The rest wanted to know what he saw, and I comply. All now were motivated. I give him the true books, and ordered to read them and continued meditating. I had to go to the other group to see how they were doing. They began to read it passionately.  

When I return to the other disciples, I only saw to meditation, and the rest doing anything. When they saw me, they tried to act as if all were doing it. I asked the two who were really doing it, and their responds were not bad. I went with then to the room, I they saw how the first four where reading books, almost as maniacs. “Teacher —said Chen when he saw me—, when we commence to practice this?” “Read the first twenty pages —I answered—, they are right now the most important to you. Converse between you if you want about it. You have all day. Tomorrow we will began.”

When the last to saw how excited they were, they began to show the same feeling, they want to know what they were reading, but first I entered their inner self for them to see. One was amazed, the other one was frightened. Both received the books, and began to read it..

I returned to the other kids, but neither were meditating. I didn’t said anything. Everyone had an opportunity in life, if was their choice to try it or not.

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