57 Quasi-mortal

Two months had passed and by now only two more joined with the ones who wanted to be cultivators. It was a shame, but some of them were still too young to understand well how to meditate, or perhaps it was not their destiny to become one.

The turtle’s technique to become a cultivator was actually quite easy. It was similar that my technique, the vital difference was that while I observed the essence of yin and yang of the environment, they absorbed the qi of all around. They didn’t had to transform anything, only make nature qi, theirs. It was pretty easy, especially because the room where they were meditating, was the room that the original elders used. It had an array that allowed to absorb more natural qi than normal. If that elders saw their precious room been used by lowly mortals, perhaps they would die again of shame.   

Every day I entered to each of their inner places so they could see how their seed was changing. So where slower than other, but everyone noticed the change, especially Chen. His seed was glowing, and it was near to become a soul tree. He was pretty excited, but I teach him to be patient. That was the way of the turtle, and also, a way to live during the transformation. I told him a resumed tale of what happened to me, so he could understand the dangers of being too impetuous.

One day, the Supreme Elder came and saw how they were advancing, he didn’t say anything, but that in fact was good. He noticed that most of them would become cultivators this year, a great difference from before, that was almost an impossible dream.

At night I received a summon from the Supreme Elder and I entered the shrine. There I saw the elder and the Sect Master cultivating. “I saw that one of your students is ready to become a cultivator —said the Supreme Elder—, the Sect Master had worked also a lot and he is also ready to become one. I want the two of them to make the step at the same time, and have the rest of the disciples see that. I think that it will be good for them.”

When the Sect Master heard that, he almost cry. He never believed that one day he could become one, he thought that his life would end first a the gardener of the sect, and then as the most powerless sect master in the entire city. In that moment, he was simply happy.

I thought that it was also a good idea, and began to plan how we would do it.

Next day I talked to Chen about what would happen, he could not believe it. His dream would soon become true, he accepted cheerfully. Now that all was settled, it was time to begin.

That night all the disciples entered the shrine, it was the first time that they saw all the magnificent and they were shocked. They saw that Chen and the Sect Master were already in a meditation position in the middle of the shrine. They also saw the Elder who seemed to be stronger than before and all their doubts dissipated.

“All who are already quasi-mortals take positions around the two of them —said the Supreme Elder while signaling Chen and the Sect Master—, you will meditate about what you sense and perhaps will gain some things. The mortals who are in the group of this boy, sit around the quasi-mortals and meditate. The rest are only spectators, don’t come here, it could be dangerous”.

Everyone took their positions. There was silence in all the shrine, only the breathing could be heard. Chen and the Sect Master began to meditate immediately. No body move for duration of a incense stick, then the Supreme Elder sat in the middle of them. “I will help you —he said softly—, let me guide you.” Then I saw how a sliver of his power entered both of them. They felt the surge of power and they had some discomfort, but it was minimum. “Concentrate, flow the qi I gave you to your soul seed, let it flower, slowly. Be patient, that’s the turtle way.”

A long time passed, and the first to ascend was the Sect Master. I could see a faint glow and also how his body was excreting the impurities of his body. The Supreme Elder did something that make disappeared all that. I sense how he was becoming a cultivator and also how the rest was meditating about it. Chen began also his ascension and his glow was more intense. From both we could sense the something emanating from them, it was the excess of power. The quasi-mortals began to absorb that excess. I could see that they were serious while meditating, this was an opportunity that they could not pass., but they were not the only ones. Even the mortals meditating could felt the power, and they also began to absorb it. I saw how the kids how until now didn’t want to mediate, began to ponder of what they were seeing. I knew that from now on, most of them would take this seriously.

“It’s over”, said finally the Supreme Elder. Chen and the Sect Master opened their eyes, and were amazed of what they were seeing. Yes, the first time you open your eyes as a cultivator, it’s something you would never forget. “Congratulations, from now on –the supreme elder talk with a thundering voice—, you have entered the world of cultivation, but more important than that, you are now officially part of the turtle family. A family guided by loyalty and honesty. Beware to not follow this two important rules of the turtle, the punishment will be severe, but if you follow it and grow with us, the turtle family will be unbreakable.”

Both kowtowed. It was not strange for Chen to do it, but the Sect Master had a a face to maintain, but in that moment he didn’t care. “I’m now part of the family and I will follow the laws of the turtle —he said—, loyalty and honesty will be my guides. I will make a soul bound pledge to that.”

A soul bound pledge were something that everyone could do, even mortals. It was a pledge where you put your soul as a under the chains of the pledge, and if you fail to that, your soul would be extinguished. It was something that nobody liked to use, and mostly criminals were the ones who were required to do so. For the Sect Master to do something like that, it was incredible.

Chen didn’t have any obligation to do it, but he made the same pledge. The Supreme Elder simply nodded to both of them. “So be it” he said, and then left.

Now there were two more cultivators, cultivators who gained some energy, mortals who also gained a little bit of energy and mortals that want to now be serious about meditation. This was something good, and we had a little celebration.

It was very little, because we didn’t have enough funds, but it didn’t matter. All were happy.

And I began to think about something somewhat crazy.

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