58 The plan

I saw how the other cultivators and even the mortals could gain something for the breakthrough, it was something similar of what happened to Meng Shang and now we had pills that could help us to be at the quasi-divine level, so perhaps…

I told Meng Shang what I was thinking. “Are you crazy? Last time it was a mistake what we did! I could cost your life! I will not make something that could kill you, and you will not tell me otherwise.” I hoped that he would be on board, but I understood, he was worry about me, but I was sure that it could work if master help us. Last time she did it, it was an emergency so if now she is prepared, it would be easy for her. I was sure of that.

My Master, who listened all, came up from my inner place and told me almost the same. I tried to convince her that she could find a way to do it. “Perhaps I could do it, but why? Why do you want to risk your life for this sect? Is this sect that’s not yours so important? Why do you want to do that?”

“Master —I said—, I want to give them a chance. This sect have been good with us, and I want to reciprocate. I think that many of them have more talent than me and I don’t want that they waste their years, especially when they come from this sect that nobody cares. I want to care about them.”

“Naïve little girl” was the only thing that she said and I thought that it was all over. Meng Shang looked relieved, he really didn’t want to do it. “if Goddess doesn’t want to —he said—, there’s nothing that you can do.” He was right, but I felt that we could really help them if we tried it, and it won’t be difficult.

A day and a night had passed, and I believed that my plan would never be realized, when my Master asked me to go to the Supreme Elder. When I was there I saw that the elder and the Sect master were training diligently. “Little girl —the Supreme elder asked when he saw me— why have you come now?” I told him that I want to talk to him in private. He immediately realized who was the one who really wanted to talk to him, and asked the two men to go outside and relax a little bit. They were perplexed, exactly what was so important that they have to go? Nevertheless, then went outside.

“Turtle, I come to bargain —said my Master almost laughing when she come out—, I going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” She explained her plan. “Could you really do that?—asked the Supreme Elder amazed— Do you need my help?” Indeed, my Master wanted his help, her plan was bolder than mine, if it worked, it could revitalize tenfold the sect.

“All that sounds fantastic —said the Supreme Elder now more calmed and with a colder voice—, but nothing is free on this world. What do you want?”

Before answer the question she asked me to leave. I was stunned for a moment, it was the first time that my Master had asked something like that. I left a little down for that. What were they talking about? The sun had risen when I was called again. He agreed with the plan, but I could see that he was not as happy as before. My Master was smiling. “Now little girl, let’s do this.” 

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