59 Ascensions I

Many months have passed, and now all were meditating. Seen Cheng become a quasi-mortal was incredible for them, even eye opening. Now they knew that they actually had a chance. And the ones who already cultivated were even more enthusiast, because they were following the same path, and they could see how their soul seeds were now full of energy, more, much more than before.

When we thought that they were ready, we began our plan. All the Sect went out of the city. If it was another Sect, perhaps that would cause weird looks, but not this one. Nobody cared about the Metal turtle Sect, so nobody saw us.

We needed to go outside because if we achieved our goal, the results would quite eye catching, and that was something that we couldn’t do. The more nobody cared about us, the safer we were. Before this trip we looked for a good place to do it, the Sect Master knew better than us the outsides of the city, so with his advice, we decided to go to the Thunder Mountains. It was a place were almost every week you could hear thunder there, so even if we make noise, no one would be alert. It was a perfect place.

The trip last for ten days. It would have been a lot faster if not for the mortal kids. They didn’t knew what we were going to do, actually no of the students knew. For them it was a special trip prepared by the Sect Master. We had a lot of food and water, and even some candies for the kids. They were quite happy all the trip until we arrived to the place, then most of their faces changed.

“Today is an special day —the Supreme Elder said—, today all of you will have the chance to become a cultivator. What we will do is something similar of what you have already seen, but more dangerous and more rewarding. All of you have a chance today, but I will not impose my will. You have to want to become a cultivator or to be more powerful than what you are now, to risk your live. Most of you are very young and perhaps will have another opportunity that I can’t say. I only can say that if you risk your life, and don’t die in the process, you will enter to a new era for everyone. You have time to choose before we commence”.

All the kids were silent, but kept moving. I was almost sure that all would accept. Who didn’t want to become a cultivator having the option? And even if the Supreme Elder said it will be dangerous, what we would do, would be mostly safe for them. However, they had to choose their path.

When we arrived to the place, the Sect Master, the Supreme Elder and the Elder began to create an array according to the instructions of my Master. That array was very complicated, and only the Supreme Elder and my Master could comprehend how it worked and what it did. It was a work that they work in secret so I didn’t know anything about it.

While the adults were working with the array, the kids looked at them. Some of them were already resolve to do it, but a few ones were still thinking about it. Chen asked me about the safety, and I only told him that it would be very dangerous for all of us, in that moment he understood that I would also would be risking my life. He didn’t asked nothing more.

The kids that Meng Shang was teaching were already convinced, I don’t know exactly how he taught them but I could see that it was very effective. I couldn’t believe that they were the rebels of the groups some time ago, now they were sheep adoring the shepherd.

All the process took several hours, and when it was completed, it was time for the kids to choose.

All chose to do it except one. It was a boy of 10 years, he was quite talkative and always said the he wanted to be the most powerful cultivator on the world. But he was frightened, and didn’t want to do it. Other kids tried to convince him, even the Elder but was in vain. We couldn’t do anything about it.

After that, everyone took they positions. Meng Shang and I were at the center, the quasi-mortals around us, the kids who had their souls seed more developed next, and lastly the one who started late.

This time My Master would only look for me, she would not have time to do it for Meng Shang, so the Supreme Elder would be the one taking care of him. I could see even now some unwillingness from Meng Shang, but he knew that if my Master was the one who decided it, it was nothing he could do. “Please, be careful”, he said before we started. I nodded.

All would start with me. I took the pills the Supreme Elder gave me and swallowed one, then I enter my inner self. I saw the rush of energy going to my soul tree. “Channel that, and absorb it slowly”, indicated my Master. The flux of energy was very powerful, but I could contain it. “This time this energy is better for you than the thunder you absorbed. It’s easier to control, but you have to be careful, don’t forget.”

I really was easier. When my soul tree absorbed almost all of the pill, I took the second one. Now the tree began to glow, and thunderstorms began to form.

It was time. All or nothing.

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