60 Ascensions II

I could sense that all the kids, even the Sect Master and the Elder were afraid when they began to see the lighting. “Both of you, calm yourselves! —angrily shouted the Supreme Elder—. You are the leaders of this Sect, you are the example that the rest have to follow! A turtle is string but without a head, it will die! Steel your hearts!”

“Yes, Venerable Founder!, the shock of his words made slip that secret, but in that moment it didn’t matter. They knew that this was an important moment, not only for themselves but for all the Sect. They would not fail. They began to calm down and began to encourage the disciples. “This lighting is our opportunity —said the Sect Master—, we would take it, and we will advance! From now on, we will not be weak anymore! We are the Metal Turtle Sect! We will reborn!”

The disciples heard it all. Not only they discovered that the mysterious Supreme Elder was actually the founder of the Sect, but this was there opportunity to change. To lift up their faces and said proudly that they were Metal Turtle Sect’s disciples. “We are the Metal Turtle Sect!” all shouted at unison.

The lighting began to fall, and Meng Shang was absorbing it. Like that time he began also to absorb my qi, but this time we were prepared. The Venerable founder began to give him his qi to minimize the absorption of mine, and my master supplemented mine. This process was painful, but not as much as last time.

Soon Meng Shang began to absorb any qi around him, he couldn’t control it. My Master had used one part of the array to prevent that the rest was affected. If not for that, the mortals would have already died. I felt how he was gaining more qi and was soon to become a quasi-divine. More lighting began to appear, but this time it was purple. Even the Founder was shocked by that. “Is this kid have….” He wanted to say something but stopped, it was not the time and he needed to concentrate.

“Are you ready Yue Liang?”, my master asked me. It was one of the few times he called me by name, so I knew that she was worried. Meng Shang couldn’t hold any more and he released the excess of qi in his body. I began to absorb it. “You are not him —my Master said—, don’t absorb it like a sponge, be careful. Use only what you need and expulse the rest.” I don’t want to do it, I knew that Meng Shang was now a quasi-divine and I wanted the same. I wanted that my Master could be proud of my advance. I was about to let all that energy flow to me, but I remembered Master words: “pride is the poison of cultivators” and I stopped. I continued the flow as she taught me and I saw how my soul tree was getting bigger and stronger.

I was not the only one improving my soul tree. The Sect Master, the Elder and Chen began to do it as well. They could feel the powerful energy around them and they knew that this was the opportunity the venerable Founder was talking about. They began to start also lighting as their first tribulation began. If anyone could see all the thunder, they would believe it was the end of the world.

The kids who had their soul seed about to germinate, also use that energy. They knew it was their chance and began to meditate. The way of the turtle were somewhat different of what Meng Shang and I were doing, but not for that it was inefficient. On the contrary, most of the kids began to grow their soul tree. “Careful—ordered the Venerable Founder—, remember the way of the turtle, patience is the key. Don’t try to absorb more than what you can, if not, the only thing you will left will be your minced body for the dogs.” Most of the kids who wanted to get more, stopped. Perhaps if the Sect Master said that, they would not have cared, but this one was the Founder of the Sect. If he didn’t knew how t guide them, who would?

The last kids also began to meditate. They tried to accomplish the same as the kids who had more time meditating, but they also heard the words. They will still try it, but they would be careful.

The array was incredible, it send energy almost proportional to the needs of every group. It was incredible seeing something like that, even other array masters would be fascinated of the complexity and detail of it.

Al the process lasted for all night, but when we finished, the result was extraordinary. The Sect Master and the Elder both were now semi-mortals, Chen was a high quasi-mortal; all the first kids were now low quasi mortals, and the last group two of them also ascended and the rest only need some weeks or months of cultivation to do it. It was a great success for the sect. Nobody died, and almost all were most powerful than before.

Only the one who didn’t want to do it remained as before, and now regretted his decision. But they was not medicine for regret. He probably would never be a cultivator in this life, and he knew it.

It was a shame, but it was the path he chose. That was life.

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