61 Failed!

I felt more powerful than ever, and my soul tree was overflowing vitality. I was fantastic to ascend to quasi-divine level. I was something different. “Congratulations little girl —said my Master— you are a cultivator for a few years and you are already at the peak of the semi-mortal level. A little more and you will ascend!”

Her words froze me. Peak of the semi-mortal level? I was not a quasi-divine cultivator? How? How that happened? The pills the Founder gave me were enough to ascend! And all the qi I received from the purple lighting! How I not ascended? It had to be a mistake of my Master. I was sure of it.

“I can’t believe it, he is a quasi-divine cultivator at this young age! This is something you can’t always see!”, said the founder astonished of what he had seen. Everyone began to congratulate Meng Shang and he was between ecstatic and shy.

“Master —I speak almost trying to not do it—, did you misspoke? You said I’m only at the peak of the semi-mortal level, that’s not true isn’t it?”

She saw me and saw that I only wanted to hear one kind of answer. She caressed my hair, and tell me that we would talk later. I was almost about to cry, but if I did it, it would be seen by everybody as weak. That I would not do it, but I was angry. I left without congratulating Meng Shang, I didn’t want to do it. Why him and not me?

I left in a hurry, and I sensed that Meng Shang wanted to say something but I didn’t hear it. I didn’t care. When I was far enough I questioned my Master. “He have a wondrous physique, it was expected to ascend, not many cultivators could match someone with his physique. You had to be happy because your sworn brother have ascended, but I can only see a crybaby that made a tantrum because things didn’t go as expected to her.”

“Master! But the pills the turtle give me it could help me to ascend! Why they didn’t work?”

“He absorbed most of the energy of the pills —se explained—. If you have done it separately, perhaps both of you would have become semi-divines.”

“That’s not fair!” I shouted.

“Fair? What are you talking about? There is no fairness in this world. What is fair is what you can obtain with your power, only that. Also, you are the one who wanted to do this; you are the one who asked him many times to do it even if he didn’t want it. This was your choice. Do you think that the world revolves around you? That’s why you are still only a little girl.

I want you to reflect about all this here. All day you will meditate, and I will seal your meridians, so no qi will flow. For a day you will almost like a simple mortal. Use this time to think. Don’t waste this opportunity.”

And for an entire day I was freezing in a mountain powerless, meditating about me and all what happened.

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