64 Rewards

We went back to the Sect. The celebration was long over before we came back. The Sect master was even worried about us, and when he saw us, the tears on his faces were multiple. “Thank you both of you, I never imagined that this time would come. We who were hopeless. Now we have hope.”

The elder was trying to contain their tears, but many kids began to cry, even the ones who Shang’er was training. We felt weird, we never did all that imaging that this scene will play out. And again, I felt shame, because of my thinking a while ago.

They prepared a lunch for us, it was simple but, we didn’t need any more than that. We really felt their happiness. We ate and enjoyed their company. When we finished, the Sect Master told us that the Venerable founder wanted to speak with us.

We were about to go when the Sect master stopped us for a bit. “Before you go, I want to break our deal.” When I heard that I began to get angry, but before said anything I waited, I wanted to know why. “You have done so much for the Sect than even if this year we are last again, we don’t care anymore. Next year we will do it without a doubt. So, you don’t have to participate anymore in the tournament. Because of that our agreement is done. But please, don’t misunderstand me —he said as he saw our faces—, I will tell you right now what you wanted to know.

I have only heard that name only once and it was when the City Lord came and almost destroyed the Sect. I could never forget everything that he said that time, and one of the things that were more strange is when he said that ‘if I was Xiang Feng, nothing of this could have happened’. That’s all I know.”

Now we had a clue, someone knew that name, but it was the City Lord. That would be very difficult to do. Not even Shang’er with his quasi-divine cultivation was enough to talk to him. We had to think carefully what we could do. However, in that moment we needed to do other things. We thanked the Sect Master and went to the Venerable Founder. “It’s time to receive our rewards —said my Master inside my inner self—, I hope that he maintains our deal, if not… we’ll see.”

Yes, I remembered that she talked with the founder in secret. Finally, I would know exactly what they talked about.

We entered the shrine, and my Master get out of my inner place.

“Turtle! It’s time to pay up!”

The Founder was in his natural form, but even with his turtle face I could see how annoying he was when for the lack of respect of my Master. He only sighed and ask Meng Shang and me to go near him.

“I’m really grateful for the thing you have do it to my Sect. Not only for them, but for me also, you made me remember what was important. For that I will reward you.”

Two boxes appeared near us, he asked us to open them. “That purple lighting was really uncommon —he said to Meng Shang—, but it’s not something that I had not seen before. I don’t’ know exactly what kind of physique you have, but It’s related to lighting. For that, I will give you this twin daggers, they have special affinity with lighting and even high semi-divine cultivators could die on your hands if they are not careful and beyond when you are stronger.” Shang’er was very exciting while looking them. They were beautiful and they had a soft blue glow that made them more mysterious.”

“And for you —he said while looking at me—, I will give you these bracers made from my shell. They will help you to block attacks and they can store any kind of qi, from you as a backup or from absorbing the power of the enemy’s techniques. They could serve you while fighting to cultivators of higher realms.

These are the rewards for helping the sect, but I had also to give you your payment. Both of you open your inner places.”

We did it, we were not afraid of any bad thing he could do to us. We trust him. “I will give you all the techniques of my Sect. What you have learnt is only a drop of water of an immense ocean. You can do with them, whatever you want, even teach them to strangers, but with the only condition that they have to be of noble heart. Everyone had the possibility of being part of the turtle family, but not everyone could be.

Now I will ask the young one to leave, I have thing to talk with the little girl.”

Meng Shang was puzzle, but he left. “Now little girl, it’s time to pay your Master fee. I have seen your inner place and I am impressed. I will serve you for one hundred years, and I also will give you some of my power. When you need my power, use it, if you need more than my power, call me. That is the fee, but it is an honor to serve you… Master.”

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