65 Master

What was he talking about? I didn’t understand anything, but my Master had the biggest grin I had seen her doing it. “I know that you had good intentions —she said—, but you have to remember that nothing it’s free in this world. So, I make a deal with him. If everything resulted as we hoped, he would serve you for one hundred years. I seem a lot for you, but for this turtle is a blink of an eye. But remember, he is not your slave, he will help you, but he won’t die for you. Even so, having him as a helper is a good deal.”

“Master! —-I yelled at her and then speak to the Founder— I can’t do that. Venerable Founder, please, forget about that. That was my Master request, but I am in no position to be called Master by the Founder. It would be shameless if I accept this deal. Please forget about all this!”

“Ha, ha, ha! I see that the disciple is not like the Master! I see a bright future for you! —said the Founder laughing out loud—. However, a deal is a deal. You don’t have to worry about that, when I give you the turtle techniques, as I told you, I watch your inner place. I saw that you have much more potential that your Master said to me. Yes, I believe that you will be a powerful cultivator sooner than most. It will be a good thing to follow you.

Obviously, I can’t leave the Sect for a while, but if you allow me, I will send one of my spirit clones to your inner self. It’s one of the younger ones that I have, it only is at the low semi-divine stage, but it will help you if you are in some kind of trouble. He even can give you some of his power, but for that you need to learn more of my turtle techniques. He will grow with you, and it could be say that you will be partners. He is me, but different at the same time. Don’t treat him as an overlord, but as a friend. If not, even him can help you, he will call me, and I will surely do it.

You don’t have to worry about all this. It was time for me to take another adventure, and this could be a good occasion without leaving the Sect. Please, open again your inner place and allow me to present my soul clone.”

I looked at my Master and she nodded smiling. I opened my inner place, and I felt a new being been there. It was a big turtle the size of a horse. I was shocked when I see it. “This fellow is Tenth Turtle, he will help you as much as he can, and you only need to feed him once a month.”

The turtle was polite when he saluted me, I reciprocate. His voice was much younger than the Founder, it seemed the voice of a teenager. I felt his power but also his happiness, I didn’t know why.

“Be good friends —said the founder—, and little girl you will always be welcome to my Sect. We will help you when you need us always.”

I saluted him and responded that even is my strength was in that moment not enough, if they also need my help, I will assist them always. He laughed. “Yes, yes, a good character indeed! Great potential! I’m most than happy, it’s almost a bargain!” He allowed me to go, and I could only blush after what he said. “Little girl —said my Master—, you have made that old turtle very happy. But now, you have to improve yourself much more if you really want to fulfill your promise. A lot.”

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