66 Tenth Turtle

When we left, my Master told me that it would be a good idea if I familiarize with my new companion. I thought it was a good idea, so I went to my place, talked about that to Shang’er and entered my inner self.

I saw the turtle eating some of the grass near my soul tree. I panicked. “What are you doing?!” I yelled angry. “Well, eating, don’t you see?” He said nonchalantly while he kept eating. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t move, it was like trying to move a mountain. I was about to call for my Master when the turtle began to move. He went to my soul tree and began to defecate.

I was shocked and trembling with fury. What he had done was an insult that I would not tolerate. I was about to hit that damn turtle when I saw something strange. My soul tree began to absorb that. Nothing left. I wanted to puke, but here it was impossible. I felt contaminated, dirty, and most of all furious. The turtle had a smug face and began eating again.

“Don’t you know how lucky you are? People for centuries were looking for the First One to give them one of his soul clones because we are invaluable. We can improve the area of the soul tree, and even our excrements are an excellent manure for the tree. It’s one of the most effective ways to maintain the tree healthy, and the healthier it is, the easier will be for you to ascent next time. You have to be kowtowing me for allowing you to use me that way. Not many people have this chance.”

Chance? I wanted to kill that vile turtle. “Master!” I call her with all my strength. She showed up, and I told her what happened. She was surprised for a second but later she thanked the turtle for doing that.

“It is as he has said. His… thing will help to nourish your soul tree. I know that it can be very gross, but it’s actually a wonderful thing that you will have to endure. Soon you will notice the difference.”

The smug face of the turtle grew into a big grin. I wanted to kill that turtle, but my master approved that, and even if she didn’t, I had not the strength to do it.

“Try to talk to him —my Master advised me—, you will be partners for a long time, so it’s good if you know each other. I can see why you look at him that way, but he is not doing something bad. Remember, he is a helper, so treat him well.”

His grin now was as big as his size. How I hated him! “However, Tenth Turtle —she spoke talking to him—, you also have to remember that you are a guest here. It’s good that you want to help, but you have to explain what you will do before doing it to prevent this kind of problems, and also remember that your original body call her master, so do you really want to him to lost face? One word, and I think you will know what would happen, doesn’t it?”

The grin disappeared instantly. He was even a bit nervous. “I will do as the Lady said.” He apologized to me and promised that he will first ask for my consent before doing anything. I nodded, if he was to help me and couldn’t be to severe. “Young Mistress —the turtle spoke to me now—, this turtle eats this grass to condense and purify its energy, then the soul tree absorbs that purify energy so it can grow better. Also, I need to drink once a month from your qi river. I would not drink too much, but perhaps you will feel dizzy when I do it. I will tell you in advance when I do it so no more complications will arise.”

It felt weird that he had to drink my qi, but he explained that is was his method to survive in the inner self of another person. I could understand that, so I accepted. My master was silence in all the exchange, but I could see that she was happy.  

After that, I began to talk to him, and it seemed a nice turtle. Yes, he was very proud turtle, but it was not obnoxious when you know him better. He explained that the Founder, who he called the First, created clones to help many people. These clones were him and had his knowledge, but it was locked according to their level. The more he improved, the more he would know and the more he could help me.

“So, he knows what you are talking right now?” I asked intrigued.

“No, we are separated entities. You could say that I’m a branch of his soul tree that he cut and planted in another soil. This branch will grow and be a tree, but even if it was a merely branch of one tree, he will grow to be a different one.”

It was complicated, and I asked if I could do that someday. He wasn’t sure, but perhaps if I studied the turtle’s techniques, I would find the answer. That intrigued me and made me remember that I had all the techniques to study. “That’s not necessary —said my Master—, all cultivators can do it when they become an Earth God, I will teach you how to do it when the time comes. However, it would be a good idea to study these techniques, they will help you a lot”.

Earth God… this was the stage after semi-divinity. I was so far and so close at the same time. I realized that I didn’t have time to waste and began to cultivate. I let the turtle to do what he thought it was necessary.

I meditated for one week, and after I ended, Shang’er had make an important decision.

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