67 Tournament

“I want to participate in the tournament”, he said firmly. “Why? —I asked with incredulity—. We don’t have to do it anymore, the Sect Master released us from the oath, so why would you want to participate? ”

“The only person we know that knows about that man is the City Lord —he responded—. Do you think that I could simply just go to the City Lord’s Manor and ask him about that? That would be impossible, and the only way I see how to be near him and ask him is to be in the tournament.”

He was right, we were nobodies and he would not talk to us simply because we asked for it. The tournament was the best option, but the idea had a big flaw. “Before —I said—, we only needed to not be in last place. Now, if you really want to be near him and ask about that, you have to win. There’s a lot of difference between one and the other. I know that you are powerful, but the people who will participate, also are, and they even had more resources many years of experience. We don’t have nothing similar.”

“I know that —he retorted—, but it’s the only chance. If there is even a slightly chance that he could help him to found this man, I will take it. I need it, I need to avenge my parents. I want to see the Patriarch suffer as I suffered. I want that.”

His eyes were bloodshot, I was easy to felt his murder intent. He had a quest to avenge his parent, and nobody would stop him. I understood it, I thought that in his position I couldn’t be like that, but I really could understand him. If he wanted to avenge his family, I would do had I could to help him.

“I will enter also —I said—, we both will fight against all that people so you can ask the City Lord, it will be difficult, but we will try. I only want to ask you one thing before we could even began our training. What would happen is this person will not help you with your revenge? Perhaps your parents said that you had to find him because they wanted you to be safe, not because of revenge. Have you thought about that?”

He tried to tell something but always stopped. Many times he did that until tears began to form. “I know that they wanted my safety, how could I do not that? They would never think about me getting revenge. They wanted me to live, to be happy, but I just can’t simply forgave them. I want their blood. I know that thinking that way I am not doing what my parents wanted to me, but it had I want for them. I want to bury them properly and honor them. I want that.”

What could I said after that? We were sibling, so if he wanted to honor their parents, I will follow him. That was all.

“Girl, I was talking to your master and we want to help. Invite your brother to your inner place so we can have a nice chat.”

It was the voice of Tenth Turtle. Perhaps we could really have an opportunity after all. I tell Shang’er what he told me and he was a little confused about the turtle. “I will explain you later, but first, let’s go.” He accepted and after a while he entered my inner place.

When he entered he was amazed. “It this really your inner place? This is so different from mine, I can believing what I am seeing.” I didn’t understand exactly what was so marvelous. Yes, it’s true that I also found marvelous my inner place, but that was because I’m still new to the world of cultivation, but he had to see other inner places much better than mine. I hadn’t entered the inner places of other people, but I didn’t thought that they would be so different than mine.

We had no time to talk about that because the turtle and my Master went to us. Sheng’er was shocked when he saw an actual turtle in my inner place. I think that this could shock anybody.

Both of them had heard what we were talking about and had a plan to improve our chance to win the tournament, but it would be very difficult. We would have to mater the turtle techniques at least at intermediate level and the same level the techniques my Master gave us. They had talked to the Founder and he accepted to use his bubble some days to help us. Even with all the help, trying to master the intermediate level of many techniques in not much time could be almost impossible, but it was our only chance. Meng Shang didn’t need to think about it, he accepted right away. I had more doubts, but accepted anyways, I swear that I would help him, and I would do that.

“Good —said my Master—, for now I will train Meng Shang in his inner place, and Tenth Turtle will train you. After a two weeks or so we will change. After a month you will have to dominate the techniques, if not I will use my power to prevent you to enter the tournament. Do you understand?”

This time Meng Shang wavered, if he had to suffer from training he would do it, but if he accepted that condition, he would lost his opportunity. I could see the doubt in his eyes. “Young one —said the turtle—, if you doubt now, what would happen in the future? Do you think that you could accomplish your goal doubting like that? Decide! Perhaps is your only choice.”

That sounded wise, I didn’t believed that turtle was capable of that kind of words, but they were enough to Meng Shang. He accepted, It was all or nothing and he would talk with the City Lord.

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