70 Master’s training I

The day we switched teachers had come; I was happy that I was finally had proper teaching a not a sassy defecating turtle trying to be smug while teaching. ”Girl —said the turtle—, you are not bad, but you lack a lot of training, I really hope that your Master can teach you what is necessary, if not, it would be a waste.”

I wanted to reply to him, but he disappeared. “So how was the training?” That voice! I would recognized anywhere. “Master!” I hugged my Master, and it was clearly obvious that she was bigger than before, now she had the size of a floating 6 years old kid.

I told her everything and she only nodded. I thought that she would be a little angry, especially when I told her about the force that was pulling me down, but she was not. “Perhaps I was too soft with you. His methods are quite severe, but they are not bad. I can see a notable difference from before. I think that I will change my plan a little bit.”

I shudder when I heard that. “Master —I said trying to think the best of it—, could you please remove this force? It’s very difficult to move with this.” She nodded, and I finally felt free. “You know, that turtle only think in that method because he doesn’t understand that all the soul have to be stronger, not only a part of it. He doesn’t understand the concept of subtlety in the force.” After she said that, I began to feel again a force pressing me, but this time it was all my body. Even my finger had more weight than before, I could move it very slowly.

“See? This is better. Now all your soul with be strengthen, not only a part of it. Now relax while meditating. You have all day, tomorrow will be walking again to you inner self.

Even trying to seat was almost impossible. I felt not like a mountain under me, but a mountain in every part of my body. I concentrate my flow of qi, and I could finally sit down. I hoped that the training with my Master would be easier, but I was so mistaken. In that moment I wanted that the hated turtle would come back.

How could I endure this weight? When the turtle did it, I need to improve the flow of it, the faster, the better I felt. But now, it didn’t matter how fast it was going, I didn’t feel a difference. What I had to do now? I didn’t know what to do, so I asked Master.

“Your problem is very simple, you have acquired a good speed of your flow of qi, so you can use it quickly, but is very thin. Quality is most of times, better than quantity or speed, and you have on one of this three. I will teach you how to become denser your qi, so you can more power at the same speed. For now, try to imagine how to become your qi denser. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t do it, but you have to try it. Tomorrow when we visited the dark places of your inner self, perhaps you will understand, or perhaps not. Only you could know that tomorrow. For now meditate my dear disciple.”

I thought all day, but I couldn’t find a way. It was impossible for me to do it, perhaps I was not cut to become a cultivator at all. But she called me her dear disciple, it was the first time she did that. I would not let her down.

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