73 Changes I

I walked with her and saw that the place was not as dark as before. I still couldn’t see anything without the red light of my Master, but it didn’t feel too frightening. We went to the place where my Master enter the qi river. I expected to be more profound this time, but it had the same deep, nothing had changed. “Master —I said—, did I did something wrong? Why there is no change?”

“Would you believe me if I told you that what I made you do had nothing to do with this? —she said while giggling—. To make your qi river you need to cultivate some body techniques, they are not difficult for you so you will master them in no time. So don’t worry about that.”

“Then why…” “Why I lied to you? —she didn’t let me finish the sentence—. Because what you need was to confront yourself. Self-knowledge is power in the cultivator world, even if many cultivators don’t think so. You have realized something important about yourself, and I will show you the changes that had occurred, and nothing had to do with the deep of your river. Come and see what you have obtained.”

We kept walking but other than the difference I had already noted, there were not so much to see. All was basically the same. My Master saw my face of disappointment. “You can’t see right now all what you have begun to move, but at least you will notice the first clues soon.”

We walked a little more and we finally enter the place that I was familiar. The landscape was more beautiful than before, it was greener, and I could sense a peaceful environment. However, that was not all the changes. Before the green and light par was very near the center of my soul tree, but in that moment the tree was much far away. Did the tree moved? No, that didn’t make any sense. I saw around me and understood. The light place grew. I moved near the tree and I saw that now it looked like a proper tree, and it fruits were a little bigger. “Master, what happened?”

“Do you really not understand what happened, little girl? This is the result of your answer. That why it was more important than the shallowness of your qi river. They are many changes, but most of them you can’t see. You need to keep meditating about yourself, to understand more. Remember what your answer was, and keep meditating. What you have achieved is only a single step, but an important one.

But for now, take this body techniques and master them. They will help you with what you wanted. Train well and you will surely surprise that turtle. He would never expect something like this to happen.”

When she said that I began to laugh. Finally, that damn turtle would know what I was capable of. And I would have the last laugh.

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