74 Changes II

I practiced the body techniques that my Master gave me outside my inner self. They were not difficult as she said, and I could master very quickly. I saw that Shang’er also was practicing some techniques, we talked only for some minutes, but both were very tired of all that practice, but we knew that we were now much stronger than before, so we would continue. It lifted my spirit, talking to him. We were in the same boat, and we were better ourselves up.

Days passed and it was again the turn of the turtle to teach me. On one hand I didn’t want him to be near my soul tree, but on the other hand, I wanted to see his face when he saw how much I had progressed. He would be amazed.

I entered my inner self and said goodbye to my Master. She told me that I didn’t have to be severe with the turtle, that he was here to help, but I really didn’t like him. She giggled. “Anyway —she said—, perhaps in a few minutes you will see something that will make you happy.” I wished it was true. Then she disappeared to go to Shang’er.

I was thinking that the damn turtle would be appearing any time soon, but he didn’t do it. That was weird, perhaps he was talking with my Master? I waited him for several minutes and after all that time, I decided that it would be better to start to meditate while waiting for him.

I was about to start when I felt like a clash. “Damn girl! What did you do?!” The voice was very angry, and I didn’t understand what was happening. I ran to the site of the clash, and saw the turtle back-sided on the ground cursing me. I tried not to laugh and helped the turtle. “Damn girl, since when you are so good blocking the way to your inner self? I had to use a lot of my strength to pass it. Why didn’t you didn’t let me enter?”

I didn’t know what he was talking about. I had never study something about how to block entering my inner place. In fact, until now it seemed like everyone could enter if they wanted, but now it was more difficult to do so. Why? The turtle also wanted to know what happened, and I told him everything I did with my Master. “I see —he said more calmed—. Girl, you have a good Master. Not many will try to improve the inner self of their disciples so soon. Most wait until the semi-divine stage, because they don’t think that their weak apprentices could manage to self-reflect. She thinks highly of you, and I can see that I had render many good things. But she also is a little wicked, she didn’t tell you that it would be more difficult for me to enter, and didn’t teach you how to allow me to pass.”

She said that I would see something that would make me happy, I didn’t understand it in that moment, but now… yes, I was really happy when I saw the turtle backside, and also happier knowing that it because of me that he was like that. My master was really wicked by not telling me anything, but I really like that, perhaps I was also a little wicked.

 We began to practice the turtle’s techniques. First, I had to defend. I used Shell defends and we could see how much I improved. I didn’t move after his hit. “That’s interesting, girl —said the turtle—, now you can defend better, but it would be enough? Now, I will use more strength and will see.”

This time he would use the string of a high quasi-divine. I knew that even if we had the same level, I had to take it seriously. He hit me, and I used the same technique. This time I moved back some steps. I was shocked of the results, before even an attack of a semi-mortal level could damage me, but now at the same level I could defend properly. I saw in his face that he was also shocked. “How have you improved in so little time? This doesn’t make sense! Now, we will see if you are really a genius or not, prepare yourself!” I felt more power from his attack, he would use a semi-divine strength.

I channeled my qi to the point of impact, and also make it denser than before. I tried to use also elemental qi, but he didn’t give me much time to do that. My Shell defends broke and I fall off, but I didn’t suffer any injury. “I see —he said slowly—, this time I will hit you as a high demi-divine, but I will give you time to use that strange technique. I want to know how powerful you really are.”

He didn’t say for spite, he was really astonished. So hits time I used Shell defends with a dense vital qi surrounded by elemental lighting qi. I condensed both energy the most I could. It even felt like they were merging, the turtle could also sense that. “What you are doing?” he asked. When I explained, he couldn’t believe it. “Both types of qi are different, they are like oil and water. What you are trying to do, it’s unheard of.” It didn’t matter if it was unheard or not, but I was doing it. The process took a lot of time, and I could sense that it had a lot of flaws, but both were combined as one. The turtle was intrigued by that, and he hit me to see how well it would resist.

I was blown away. My technique shattered on impact and as I felt before, I could have some broken limbs if it was in the real world. I tried to stand up, I thought I would see the turtle with his stupid grin, but what I saw was unexpected. He was also blown away, and he was again with his shell on the ground. I help him, and we couldn’t believe what happened. “Girl, that techniques is really interesting! You could defend against a high semi-divine and even injured mortally. Shame that you need a lot of time to do it and the recoil it’s terrible for you, but perhaps… no, no, not right now. First I want to see you using the Turtle bites, and want to know is you are ready for the next step.

Girl, you really could be someone in the future.”

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