75 The next steps

“I will defend with semi divine strength —said the turtle—, you will use Turtle bites without combining the qi. I want to know who much you have improved with the technique first.”

Before my Master’s teaching this technique would be bothersome to me. I need to flow vital qi on all my finger at the same time, at that was almost impossible. But now, I knew that the vital qi was not an entity separated from me, but me myself. It was like moving an arm, so it was easier now. And move my vital qi and make it flow faster. Then I use the technique.

Until that moment, I didn’t realize how powerful that technique was. The turtle said it was very powerful but I didn’t see how could it be more powerful that the other technique than was easier to learnt. But, as seeing how his Shell defends began to crackle, I understood. “Close the beak!” the turtle shouted, and I finished the technique. His barrier shattered.

“Good! Your technique are now in the correct direction —spoke the turtle with amazed eyes—, now it’s time for you to understand the second stage of the tree techniques. If you were another cultivator, I would tell you that you need a semi divine strength in order to comprehend the second stage, but you are indeed a genius with you qi flow. You can do things that many cultivators could only dream of. But remember that this second stage will be more difficult, and perhaps we will not have time until the competition starts. So you will have to do what you can to learn them.”

I cupped my fist. It was the first time than I saw that turtle not as an annoying being, but someone that actually wanted to help me. “I will follow your instructions, Tenth Turtle” I said while smiling.

“The second stage is transforming the shape of your techniques—he said with a teacher tone and I could see that he really liked how I was talking to him now—. All your turtle techniques will have more attack power, and even Shell defends will be similar to what you do when combine qi. If you could do this before the competition, nobody would be your match, even your brother.”

I was more enthusiastic than ever. I loved my brother, but if I could win a match against him, it would be not bad.

Tenth Turtle teach me how to form a shape of my vital. qi outside myself. If I could do it, I could form weapons of qi that perhaps would not be as powerful as a real weapon, but in a moment of life and death would be like water in the dessert.

This was more difficult that what I expected. I could form a block of qi using Shell defends, but it didn’t have any form whatsoever, but this time I need to shape it, without losing the density. It felt like trying to build something from sand using air as the base. The first technique that what to apply this transformation stage was the headbutt technique. According to him it was easier, but I didn’t think so. I tried for many days, but I could do something that it was worthless even to my eyes.

“Shame —said Tenth Turtle—, there is no more time. The competence is in a couple of days. Perhaps your Master could teach you something as miraculous as the other time, but I doubted it. 

We’ll see.”

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