76 Registration

After a while it was again my Master turn to teach me. I explained what Tenth Turtle wanted me to do, and she said that it would be difficult for me because I had a lot to learn. I asked her if I did again self-meditation could help me with that. She laughed. “Do you think that every time you do that something miraculous will happen? This time something did happen because it was your first time, it was like discovering yourself. Next time perhaps something could happen, perhaps not. The important thing is never to gain power, but to know yourself.

I would want you to self-meditate again, but we don’t have much time. So right now we will concentrate in your two things: physique techniques and elemental conversion techniques. The first one more than the other. You need a better body. I don’t look at me with horror, I don’t want you to look like a man, but at least you need to have your muscles better trained. Remember, your body is also you, the better it is, he better you are.”

After that we trained the techniques until it was time to the tournament. I improved a lot my physique, but my elemental techniques were still very basic. I needed to train that technique more, and try again to merge it with the turtle’s techniques. If I could do that, I perhaps could beat Meng’er.

Before the tournament we needed to register the fighters. The Sect Master told us that it was always shameful to do that, because all the people looked at them with disdain, and they couldn’t say anything because they were weak. For years they had to tolerate their looks and their bullying, but now was different. He said the finally they would be able to fight against all of them and not me ashamed anymore.

The Sect gave to Meng Shang and me formal dresses and we went with Chen and some of the other kids. Even the Founder wanted to go with us. The Sect Master was excited when he knew that. He almost cry when he saw all the team reunited.

We opened the doors of the Sect, and there was nobody looking us, it was like we were invisible. We walked with leisure, more than the Sect Master and the disciples, we looked like a group of kids strolling the street with their parents. We went to the registration site, and we could see all the sects to whom we will compete. When they saw us, I felt their disdain, and if I was not mentally prepared for that, perhaps I would have shaken my resolve. I turn around to see Chen and the rest, and they were about to look at the ground, defeated. “Who we are?!” a thunderous and familiar voiced sounded. All the kids and even the Sect Master responded as one: “We are the Metal Turtle Sect!” And as simple as that the Founder restored the morale of the group. Not only that, but it made only powerful people felt some of the power by his voice. Some looked perplexed, but it was not enough strength to make many of the Sect Masters of the other sects to raise a brow.

“So the always looser have come finally.” Who said that was a young cultivator standing near us. He felt that it was a good choice to ridicule us. “Sect Master —said the Founder— why this youngling is saying things like that. Have the other Sect Master doesn’t know how to control their disciples?” Our Sect Master was red, he said that this always happened and he couldn’t do anything about it. “I understand —the Founder said—, well, I can do anything about it also. He is one of the younger generations. It would be shameless for me to intervene. Chen, give him a lesson.”

Chen was surprised, but follow orders. He approached the cultivator and ask him to stop. That made things worse, now not only him but other of different sects began to mock us. “Chen, word are nice, actions are nicer” the Founder speak with a clearly intention. Chen closed his fist, and hit him in the face so hard that the young cultivator was send flying. The people who was mocking us was speechless. Nobody expected that. “Who was the one who has hit my son?!” another powerful voice sounded, this one with killing intent. I didn’t see how, but before he could kill Chen, the Founder grip his hand and stopped the hit.  “I really don’t understand the new rules of cultivation. Since when the older generation kills the younger for a kids’ fight? I think that’s a little shameless or I’m wrong?”

“Who are you and why you are defending this dead sect?” asked angrily the man who was trying to liberate his hand from the grip. “Since when this King has to present first? Say your name and then if he is in the mood, this King will tell you who he is.”

“I’m the Sect Master of the Thunder Warrriors.” said the man now sweating. “Oh! A Sect master! A very one at that —said mockingly the Founder—. Now even powerful sect masters try to kill the younger generation for petty reasons? No, no, that can be. It have to be a mistake. Let’s do that, slap yourself the times you think it would be enough to calm my annoyance and double that to your son. If you not do that, well…”

“What a powerful killing intent —said my Master inside my inner self—, and very precise, he is only focusing it on the powerhouses of every sect. See how they went pale, everyone of then. This frog is really showing his teeth.”

The Sect Master of the Thunder Warriors knew in that moment that had mounted a tiger. He lost all the blood of his face and went limp. The younger generation was mumbling but the rest who felt the power was silent. “So, when both of you will start?” The tone of the Founder was now terrifying for the Thunder Warriors’ Sect Master. He called his son who was still bleeding and order him to slap himself until he ordered. The young was stupefied, but when he saw how his father was trembling, he began to do it.

The scene was bizarre, who would had thought that this would happen. Since when offending the Metal Turtle Sect had this result? After one hundred slaps, the founder said that it was enough for the Sect Master. And he ordered us to start moving to register. We left the young cultivator still slapping himself.

The rest of the Sect Masters ordered that nobody had to do something against our Sect. They even gave us space to register

This definitively was the reborn of the Sect.  

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