77 Supreme Elder

After that, we didn’t have any troubles. We did the registration, and we needed to wait a couple of days before the competitions began. That was fine by me, because it gave me more time to train. At least that was what I wanted, but reality was different. Apparently it was custom to reunite all the disciples of all the sects to do a social gathering. The same was for the Sect Masters.

I didn’t know what would happen with us, but I was surely that their meeting would be much more entertaining that ours.

“Do you want to know what will happen there? It will very easy for me to know.” Who said that was Tenth Turtle, according to him, he had a connection with the Founder that allowed him to know what he was hearing and seeing, obviously this connection only worked if the Founder allowed it. I asked if he could ask him for permission and the Founder accepted.

As I thought our site was boring, after that demonstration of strength who would wanted to mock us? All the site was almost silent and only some mumbling could be heard.

Tenth turtle said that the other place was similarly quiet. But the difference is that some Sect Masters began to talk about calling the City Lord. The Founder was drinking and eating as if any of that was his doing. Meanwhile our Sect Master was sweating oceans.

Finally one of the Sect Master went to him, he didn’t show prepotency, he was calm and polite. “Your Excellency, may I have the pleasure to know your name?” “Oh finally someone wants this King name! —said the Founder while sopping eating—. I’m the Metal Turtle Sect’s Supreme Elder Gui.”

“Supreme Elder Gui? I have never heard your name, do you are new in that Sect? Don’t you know what kind of sect it is?” the polite man asked in a not so polite way.

“What kind of sect it is? Obviously I know what kind of sect, it is! Is my sect! Do you really think that mere rumors may stop this King to be their Supreme Elder?”

“Excellency, we have felt your power and we now that we are not your opponents, but we can’t comprehend why you would accept a mere mortal as a sect master. It would beneath your stature.”

Why he was talking like that? Did he thought than bad mouthing the Sect Master would accomplish something to the Founder of the Sect? I knew that they didn’t know that but still blatant attempt to make him quit the sect.

“Didn’t I tell you that all you live your lives around mere rumors? Could you answer me what kind of mortal is my Sect Master?”

Apparently until know nobody had sense the power of the Sect Master. Now everyone sense was on him, and he was now not only sweating but dying of shame. “A semi-mortal?” one of the voices in the multitude asked as if something impossible had happen. Last year he was definitively a mere mortal, but now he was a proper cultivator.

“Your Excellency —the man still trying his plan—, even if he is now a cultivator, he is only a lowly semi mortal, how you could be only an elder while he is a Sect Master? It’s improper for you to be beneath him.”

He ended saying that, and then… he was dead. He felt down like a puppet without strings. Most were terrifying of the act, but some were smiling. “You have killed in cold blood in this place were camaraderie is the norm. And even you have broken the law imposed but the City Lord. Are you not afraid of him?!” A fat man was shouting all that. We was really eager to hear the response.

“Broken the rules? —said the founder nonchalantly—, perhaps. But what I see is a person who want me to disobey a direct order of the City Lord himself. It is not true that he had ordered that only my Sect Master could be the only one who would direct us? What he was trying to do? Wasn’t he trying to speak ill of the command the City Lord imposed so many years ago? When the City Lord comes, we will ask him, and he will be the one who would impart justice.”

What he said was right. All could hear that he was trying to make a schism in the Sect by saying that the Supreme Elder had to be the Sect Master, but that was against the rules. Going against the City Lord was a sure way to obtain the death penalty. What he did only made quickly the execution, nothing more.

“Even so —try to retort, the fat man—, killing here is atrocious and it is prohibited to spill blood in this place. The City Lord will be angry.”

Why angry? Do you see any blood? You can inspect him if you want, you will not see a speck of blood here. I have not broken that rule, but I can see that you are very angry, I don’t know why. Maybe you want to follow his steps. I wouldn’t be any problem.”

The fat man didn’t say a word. He knew that he could be killed in any moment, and nobody here would or could help him. Since when the feeble Metal turtle Sect had that powerful man there? It was inconceivable.    

“What happened here?” A new voice broke the silence. It was the City Lord himself.

The fat man was relieved, and a big grin could be seen in his face. Now it would be the turn of this unknown to know the fury of the strongest person in the whole city. He was anxious to seen him killed.

“Oh! So you are the City Lord! A toast for you!” said the Supreme Elder and the place froze.

What would happen? Nobody knew.

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