78 City Lord

The presence of the City Lord was different like everybody. While the rest had golden ornaments, or expensive trinkets, he only worn a simple white suit. If someone looked at him at the street only by what he worn, it would pass as any other people around. But what it made him special was his aura. It was difficult for Tenth Turtle to describe it, but he said that if was like if a god was upon them.

“What has happened here?” asked the City Lord. He didn’t use a thundering voice, he only talk soft, but the sensation he emanated was worse than anything the tenth Turtle had sensed before. Some people went to him and explained the situation. Some even exaggerated the situation, they only wanted the City Lord to kill the Founder. The City Lord went to the founder and asked him if that was what really happened. “More or less —said the Founder as if that was not a big thing—, he badmouthed you, so it was my duty to kill him.”

“And who are you to decide who to kill or who to not?” said the City Lord with the same soft voice. “A Turtle who can” it was the answer. Many were expecting a fight. They didn’t know exactly how strong was the Supreme Elder was, but nobody thought that it could be stronger than the City Lord. “I have seen how turtles died easily” said the strongest man in the city with the same tone.

“A turtle who died easily is not a real turtle. A real turtle wait, is patient. Don’t need to move like everyone else. A turtle is a turtle.”

“A turtle is a turtle….” The City Lord repeated the phrase many times. “But sometimes, they had soft shell.” “But sometime its shell is as hard as steel”, replied the Supreme Elder. “Even the turtle with the hardest shell can be make a soup” retorted the City lord. “But what wonderful soup will be!” said the Supreme Elder and nobody understood what was happening. Are they were having a dialectical contest? Why?

“Could his majesty could accompany me and my Sect Master to share some of this exquisite food? It would be a shame to waste it.” Said the Supreme Elder. That was the last straw, everybody thought. It was impossible that the great City Lord could accept it. It would be a loss of face.

“Would you eat with me, knowing that I almost wiped your sect?” asked the City Lord, surprising everybody who thought it would be blood. “Many things happens in this life, but one thing is sure, a real turtle would never say no to drink and eat with strangers. Because what is life but strangers knowing each other in different circumstances? You said that you had almost wiped the sect, but I could say that you save it. For that I want to toast with you.”

The impossible happened, the City lord sit down and began to toast with the Supreme Elder. Silence was in all the room, except those two who began to speak as friends. Everyone was frozen, even the Sect Master. Even Tenth Turtle when we told me what happened.

Who could understand the mind of the powerful?


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