79 Our room

I was very strange what happened there, but when Tenth Turtle was begin to tell me what they were talking about, in our room problems began to start. The information that the City lord had arrived spread like wild fire, and most of them thought that our most powerful cultivator would die soon, so they weren’t as afraid as before.

Every gatherer there, except Men Shang and I was at quasi-mortal level. After Many years of defeats, the other sects didn’t bother to bring their most powerful disciples. It was enough to use the low level ones, and see how they were doing. We were not relevant to them, but our sect was always the butt of the joke every year. So it was not strange when many of these younglings went to our table to make trouble.

“So you think because you have a powerful cultivator behind your backs, that means that you can beat all of us?” That voice came from a boy of my age. He was a high quasi-mortal, and perhaps in a couple of weeks he would advance. I could see that he was one of the leaders of a small group, but there were certainly other groups than also were coming to us. Chen and the other get up from their chairs, they were not eager to fight, but they would neither be provoked.

“Friends, this little Meng Shang is almost a junior for all of you, and I only want to enjoy a very peaceful and happy meal. Please come with us to join us at the meal, we, disciples of the Metal Turtle Sect, never said no to friends sharing food and their company with us. We welcome you if you want to join us!”

He was trying to deactivate whatever would happen. It was not a bad idea, but not many of the people coming seems to be the good intentions Meng Shang wanted. “Why would we want to share a meal with trash?” said another boy. “You being here is like pigs going to a buffet” said this time a girl. I looked at her and she had a group of middle size, mostly composed by girls, but also had some boys in it. “Please friends —Meng Shang continued—, don’t ruin the meal of all the juniors gathered here. It would be a loss of face if we had troubles here, don’t you think? I don’t’ think your Sect Master would want that this day would be a bitter day for us.”

The younger ones, almost stopped at that words; but their seniors quickly instigated them to follow. It was a tense situation, but I didn’t think it would escalate more. Even if they wanted to fight us, this was not the moment, and they knew it. What they were trying to do is for us to do the first strike, so they could retaliate without problems from them. I signed Chen and the other to sit down. They didn’t want to do it, but I did it again ordering them verbally. This time they listened to me, after all I was their teacher. Unfortunately the other saw that and assumed that I was their leader. If they could mess with me, the rest would be easy.

“Hey Stupid —the first boy yelled at me—, what’s your name?”

I didn’t respond to him and kept eating. He has still shouting something about I was trash and stupid things like that, when I sensed that something was threw to me. It was some kind of a fruit, quite large and heavy for a fruit. A mortal, at the speed it was going, it would be killed instantly. Even a low quasi-mortal could suffer some injuries. They really were desperate for us to retaliate after that. Shame that was not was going to happen. I used Shell Defends, and the fruit impacted and was destroyed. The meat and juices of the fruit were sprayed everywhere. “Damn bastard, what did you do?!” it was the same boy, but now he was comically dirty. He couldn’t take it anymore and punched me with all his strength. I simply used again Shell Defends while still eating, and after the punch, a cry was heard in all the room.

He had broken his hand. I was behind him eating, so I didn’t know how much damage he received, but by the faces of my companions, I could deduce that it was terrible. “Friends —Meng Shang talked again—, I invite you again to share our meal. Accidents happens, but it not something that could not be healed. The Metal Turtle Sect will always treats like a friends to the people who share a meal with us.” With that last phrase his tone was different, it was clearly a warning.

Many of the cultivators stepped back, they were trying to bully a weak sect, but now they realized that the Metal turtle Sect was not weak anymore. The girl after thinking about it for a moment, decided to return to her table. She had worry in her face, like she knew that a great change would soon occur and she had chosen the wrong option.

The second boy also stepped back. He only did it for fun, but now it was not fun anymore. His group returned to where they were at the start. Only the first boy who had his hand destroyed, was still there with all his group. They were the majority and we could fell their bloodlust. Now they don’t wanted to bully us, but to kill us. One of that group decided to hit Meng Shang. He also used Shell Defends, and the result was almost the same. “I see that you don’t want to share a meal with us —he said as a matter of fact—. It’s really a pity. We are turtles, we are patient and sometimes slow. As turtles, we think that having more friends is better —now he tone changed again—, but having enemies to kill is good enough.”

All of us got up from our chairs, and the fight started. Meng Shang and I had a clearly advantage because of our training, but the rest of our group was doing well. Their turtle techniques were very basic, but for that group of enemies, it was enough. This even was good for them as a live training. After that, they techniques would be polished.

The fight was very unequal, our group was winning everywhere, thanks that Meng Shang and me were at the frontline, and the rest were at the rearguard, so they only had to fight with a few. The scene was chaotic and bloodied, but nobody was killed. Even if he say that we would kill them, we knew that it would be impossible. Not because that we couldn’t do it, but it would not be beneficial for the sect. Chen and the other also understood this.  

The people who decided not to fight was grateful that they followed their instincts. What they were seeing was a massacre, and it would be a slap on the faces of all the Sects who were being beating because, the ones who were doing it, were supposedly the weaker ones.

Part of the room was a mess, and after a breath, the fight was over. Less than ten kids had beaten more than forty. It was formidable.

“Had what happened here?!” a manly voice shouted and all of us stopped. It was the City Lord and all the Sect Masters, including our Supreme Elder.

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