80 Contest

I could see many different faces in the young cultivators. Some had panic, others smugness and also happiness. The people of my sect didn’t know how to feel, even Meng Shang, only I was the one who knew what had transpired there, so I was more relaxed than they.

People from the group we had beaten up were the first who went running to him and tried to explain what happened. It comes without saying that they were telling a story fitting their desires. We were terrible beings, bullying everybody because of our Supreme Elder. We were trying to fight but nobody wanted, so we began to fight anyway. We were monster, and we had to be punished.

The Sect Masters of the one who were beaten didn’t know what to say. In other occasion they would ask for a severe punishment, even death, but now? Didn’t they not saw how the City Lord acted with the Supreme Elder? And even if they would not have seen that, would the City Lord would really believe that the always meek Metal turtle Sect was capable of this? The evidence was right there, and they couldn’t believe it.

The City Lord after they finished their story, asked to the girl if hat they said was true. Her face said how awkward her position was. I understood her problem: in that moment she had to choose enemies and allies. If she choose correctly, it would be no problem, but if not… it would be difficult to know what the consequences would be. Did she would choose between the not so powerful but renewed little sect or the long standing and powerful sects? She cupped her fist and salute the City Lord before answer. “City Lord, I didn’t see enough to know what exactly happened here. When I became aware of the fight it was too late.” It was obviously an answer that neither party liked, but it benefited us a little more. He asked other people of her group and all said the same thing.

After asking several people, nobody saw or heard anything until late. “Yes, we have valiant disciples of all these distinguish sects —said the City Lord annoyed—. All the Sect Master here, hear me out! Teach them better! If they can’t even sense what is happening around them, they will die easily. I always said that there are not bad disciples but bad teachers! Do you understand me?!” All the Sect master of these sects kowtowed and acknowledge their “mistakes”. It was a slap in their faces, but all understood what their disciples were trying to do. They knew that they were not innocent, how could they wouldn’t? Every year it was almost a tradition no bully the sect, but now things were different.

“So now it’s time to ask the other party. Who of the Metal Turtle Sect wants to speak?” Meng Shang and I saw each other and in that moment we decided that I was the one who would talk. I cupped my fists, and tell the City Lord all what happened but didn’t say anything about the other groups. I could feel how grateful were both the girl and the boy. Making enemies to allies was better than the other option.

“I see, I think that this is more credible than what they have told me. What do you say Sect Master?” The City lord asked to the Sect master of the boy who began all. He was pale, and in that moment I’m sure that he wanted to strangle that guy. “What City Lord have said has merit —said the pale and angry Sect Master—, but why my disciples would attack first to a weak sect? That is something shameless, and I am sure that it is not something that they would do. It is not easier to think that because the disciples of the Metal turtle Sect have an amazing backer thought that they could offend us without any type of repercussion? We all saw how their Supreme Elder treated the Sect Master of the Thunder Warriors, so obviously the cubs tried to imitate the lion.”

“That makes sense —said the City Lord—, but I want to see something first. The ones who got their hands smashed, come forward.”

Both of the boys were frightened. They began to walk as if they were going to the gallows. “Sect master, tell me how you think they have their hands in so deplorable state?” “I could only suppose that it is a nasty technique make for killing,” responded the Sect Master without thinking. “Yes, I suppose that could be an option, but do you really think that those guys there had a powerful technique like that? I they had that; they would have not been in the last place all these years. Also, only those two have this kind of injury and it looks more like if they had smashed their hands against something, don’t you think?” Now the Sect master observed the injuries, and how he would not know what kind of injury it was? He had years of fighting experience, and knew many types of injuries, it would be pointless told a lie. “Yes, you are right, City Lord.”

“Good! And it happens that I know that one of the basic techniques that the disciples of the Metal turtle Sect learn is a defensive technique. If you mastered it well, people at the same level as this two, could be in great troubles. But for using a defensive technique, someone have to attack first, or I’m wrong?” In that moment the Sect Master realized that even if he tried to defend their disciples, it was a lost cause, the City Lord had already made a judgment. “It is as the City Lord said” finally the Sect Master had to admit.

“I really can’t see how much the sect have changed —said the City Lord—, and I also could see that now the tournament is pointless. Forty people was beaten up and the other group have minor injuries that said a lot of how strong this new batch of disciples is, they even have a quasi-divine cultivator in their ranks, that’s incredible.” That last thing shocked everybody, all the disciples there were only at the quasi-mortal level, if the quasi-divine wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as torn paper. Even the Sect master were intrigued, how they obtain a genius like that in that Sect?!

“If you want —the Sixty Lord continued—, we can continue with the contest, but the deal I made with the Sect Master of the Metal Turtle Sect is now rescinded. I will give you all the thing I had taken from you, and you no longer had to pay the high taxes. You have showed me today, that you are not like before.”

Our Sect Master kowtowed thanking him for his words. He cried of happiness. He never believed that this day would come, all thanks to two kids that wanted information. In that moment he sworn that he will help them in anything he could, even if it costed his life.

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