81 Friend

“This King have seen enough for today —said the City Lord—, I hope that this will not happen again. The punishment of the Metal Turtle Sect had been lifted so I hope that everyone understand what that means. So follow the customs of the city, if not, you are free to go.”

“We will do as the City Lord orders”, all the sect master involved in this mess said. Later I found that the City Lord didn’t permit infighting between the sects in the city. If something like that happened, they would have to pay to the sect they have offended. This law started after the problems with our sect, and nobody had problems with it. In years there was no fighting in the city and this was also a loss of face of the sects who were involved in the fight.

Like that, all ended. The parties returned to their sects, because there would be not tournament now. That caused other problems but in that moment we didn’t know anything about it. We only knew that now we were so near to the man who knew the one we were looking for. I noticed the tension in Meng Shang, I knew that he wanted to go to him and asked directly, but he did do that, probably he would in best case scenario be punished, worst case, he would be killed. So near and so far.

We went also to our sect silently. There were not words that I could say to him to animate him. I could only smile and he did the same.

When we went to our rooms, I tried to say something but he looked at me with red eyes and I didn’t talk. He entered his room, and I returned to mine. He wanted to be alone, and I could comprehend him. I really hoped that he could sleep that night.

I woke up early to practice my body techniques and I encountered with the Supreme Elder, he asked to wake up Meng Shang because he wanted to talk to us. It was weird, but I did it. When he opened the door, I could see his red eyes. I didn’t say anything but what the Supreme Elder said. He changed clothes and went to see him

 We went to his shrine, and we salute him as the Founder of the Sect. He knew that in some time we would leave the Sect, but even so manners mattered. “Good! You are here —said the Founder—. I have good news! The little girl knows a little bit of that, but probably she didn’t told you anything. That’s alright, it’s better if it is a surprise! You know? I have made a new friend. He used the code we use when we want to know if were a talking to a friend of the turtle, and he is one! Could you believe it? So I talked to him about your mission, and he was very interested and want to see you both, so we will have a dinner with him today at his manor. Isn’t that good news?!”

That was… a lot of news… he was a friend to the turtle? The same that killed the old Sect Master and most of the elders? The one who taxed the Sect through the roof? The one who made a tournament only to making the Sect? He was a friend? Also why the Founder talked about our mission? Why he did that?! Now we were to see the City Lord, and we didn’t know if that was good or bad news.

But soon we would know.

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