82 Free for all

We went to the City Lord’s manor. It was exquisite made. I went to many beautiful houses in my city, but they all looked like a shack in comparison. In was ornamented with gold and jade, but not too much, as if the one who decorated knew how to make it elegant and simple at the same time.

We went only with the Founder, and near the entrance two guards stopped us. He showed his invitation and the guards changed their brusque behavior to a very polite one. The interior was the same as the exterior, it was visually impressive but without exaggeration. All things were in their correct place, and everything had an order. I hadn’t seen this kind of manor in my life.

A servant come and apologized for being late and made us follow him to the dining room. What I saw was something that I thought it was for a king not for a City Lord. Meng Shang was less surprised than me, but not by much. The only one that felt right in home was the Founder. The City Lord was expecting us already and tell us to sit down and enjoy the meal.  When I began to eating it, I felt and strange sensation. “Keep eating it, even if you are full —my Master said— this food is very good for you. I will help you with all that after we return to the sect.” I followed her instructions and began to eat all what I could, Meng Shang was more refined than me, but also ate a lot. We could ate all without worrying because the City Lord was chatting with the Founder. It really seems that he was like a friend. He even told us that if we wanted more, we only needed to ask.

After a long time, and when we really were full, he began to talk to us. “I have heard from your Supreme Elder of your mission. I know that name, and know who he is. I could help you, but nothing is free in this world. Both of you have to do me a little favor.” What kind of favor would a powerful cultivator as the City lord would need from us? It was really strange.

He noted our expressions and explained it. “As you know, I started the tournament as a punishment for your sect, but over time it became a important moment in the city and generate a lot of money, especially from bets. But now because of you, I had to close the tournament, at least for this year. If I didn’t do that, we would had a enormous trouble from the bets. But, even if the bets were not an issue, the city needs the revenue of the tournament.

So I was thinking and after talking with your Supreme Elder I found a good solution. We would choose two member of each sect who has to be at least a quasi-divine and make you fight in a free for all. In this way, the organization and money that we had already spent will not be lost, and the bets could be more entrancing for many people, especially after the rumors about you have circulated. So what I want if for both of you to enter in this free for all as the representatives of the Metal Turtle Sect. I don’t care if you win or lose, I only want you to compete and after that, I will tell you all you want to know about that man, and perhaps even more. What do you think?”

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