83 A friend of the turtle

What he said was unexpected for both of us. That was too much information, and we really didn’t know what to think. What would we do? We could accept the deal, it was excellent for us, but why we trust in a man that have damaged so bad the sect that we were currently in? This sect had helped us in every they could, and he was the one the made it to fall down, and even if the Founder was happy with his new “friend”, we didn’t trust him

“City Lord —spoke Meng Shang after a while—, I am the one who want the most this information, and I would be happy to do what you want me to do, but first I have to know, why did you almost destroy the Metal Turtle Sect?”

The City Lord was not surprised after that question, and keep drinking. “You are really bold asking things like that, it not bad to be like that, but you have to be careful —said the City Lord after drinking—. However, you are mistaken, I never tried to destroy the Sect, I was helping it.”

The Supreme Elder was still eating and drinking as what he said had all the reason of the world, and the City Lord could notice our incredulity after hearing that. He laughed. “It is difficult to believed, don’t you think? I some other person said that to me, I probably would have the same faces as yours. But I’m telling the true.

Long time ago, when I was a semi divine cultivator, I had plenty of adventures that came also with plenty of risks. One of these almost killed me if not for a turtle disciple, I would not be the man I’m now. He helped me and even teach me some techniques, I still use Turtle defends when needed, it has saved my life so many times. He not only taught me techniques but the philosophy of the turtle. I was really impressed that they would be so carefree to eat with a stranger without worrying. He was one of the few people who I can call Master, and he made me promise that if one day I saw that someone for his sect has troubles, I had to help him because now I was a friend of the turtle.

I had met many disciples of the turtle in my life, and most of them were like him, when I needed help, they did it without question, and I did the same for them. Even if I was not part of the Sect, they treat me as their friend, and I understood what really meant to be a friend of the turtle and I was really happy to be one.

Many, many years passed, I found this city, and suddenly I heard that the Metal Turtle Sect was coming here. As a friend of the turtle, I helped them at first, but years passed and I saw how they have changed. They were no carefree anymore, but people of worldly desire like power and money. They even began to bully other sects, and I tried everything I could to stop their behavior without being cruel to them. However they insisted in their ways. I really didn’t know what to do in that moment. As the City Lord my duty was to impose order even by killing them, but as a friend of the turtle I didn’t want to do it.

That day… all changed that day —he said like whispering—. I think that you already know what happened, but until no you don’t understand why I did it. When that Sect Master wanted a table, I was willing to be with him, but he didn’t want that. I was trying to be cordial, but he simply demonstrated me that the ways of the turtle were dead, and that’s had make me decide to eliminate the sect. It was not the sect I was friend with.

I wanted to kill all of the sect, if the Sect Master was as rotten as him, what kind of hope was left for true turtles to be born? But then, that gardener tried to save the life of the disciples. He was just a simple mortal, but he was trying to protect them while the elder were trying to run. I saw the heart of the true turtle in him, so I made him the new Sect Master. I wanted for them to rise up with the true teachings of the turtle, and I thought that they would do it in a couple of years with their techniques. And for that I created the tournament, to push them to improve themselves, and be really cultivators of the turtle. I even prohibited bullying the sect, so nobody could harn the metal Turtle Sect while they were down. But after many years, they could only obtain the last place. I didn’t understand why, I had learned their basic techniques and I knew that they could do much more than what I saw. How would I know that the former Sect Master was so rotten that he didn’t even teach their disciples the true techniques? When I learned that, everything mad sense.

Now you have your Supreme Elder, and he has brought you the true way of the turtle, and I could see the difference. He has told me that you are not true disciples of the metal turtle Sect, but you are friends of the turtle, that I can see it clearly, and I’m happy to know that the old ways have reborn.

And now, you know the full story of what happened and why it happened. So as a fellow friend of the turtle I would gladly tell you who that man is, but as the City Lord, I also have responsibilities, but that’s why I don’t want you both to win or something like that, you only have to participate and bring all your power, you can fake it out. In that way, the city will not lose too much, and we can still help each other. That’s why I’m asking you to do this.”

After he told his story, we looked at the Founder and he nodded at us. If he was really a friend, we didn’t have any problems with that. We accepted.

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