84 Beginning of the battle

We only had two days to train. For me, I wanted to try to merge the elemental qi and vital qi more easily, but it was something that I couldn’t do it in a couple of days, so I trained more my body, it was not much, but it was something that I could do. Meng Shang otherwise, began meditating. We both absorbed a lot of nutrients in the City Lord’s dinner, and he still didn’t assimilate it all. On the other hand, that was not difficult to me with the help of my Master. I now I could sense that I was about to breakthrough. Perhaps if I had some more days I could do it before the free for all, but it was and impossible dream.

The day had come, I we went with the uniform of the sect. It was green and had the symbol of the turtle on the back. It was very conformable, and it could hide my body without a problem. Even so, the Founder with me a pendant that could prevent people below his rank to discover me. I was really grateful for that. I didn’t like that more and more people knew that I was a girl, I knew that this could bring troubles until I was strong enough.

“Remember that you don’t need to win —said the Founder—, but that didn’t mean that you could try to do it. Give your all. But if you think your life is in danger, quit. I prefer to lose to see a pointless death of friend of the turtle.”

We went with a carriage to the coliseum. After the City Lord gave out all our think, we finally ended our short of money. And could finally rented some transport for us. When we arrive, many sects were already there, and all were looking at us. Some were afraid, but some were still mocking us. I didn’t care for people like them, I only wanted to fight and demonstrate my power. And I think Meng Shang had a similar thought, because he knew that after all this, he finally could know the person his father for him to know.

They explained the rules, they were quite simple. First, we would fight with our companion against others until half remained. Then, after a break, the true free for all would commence. We were prohibited to kill, and we could use any weapon or abilities we had, but know weapon had to be above the quasi-divine rank, if not the sect with the most powerful weapon would be the winner and that would not be excited, but we were allowed to use techniques beyond our current level, because that was something that we had trained ourselves, and not and external help. The first phase would commence in two hours, so we had time to do whatever we wanted.

We began to tour the coliseum, it was… normal. After we went to the City Lord’s manor, I had expected that this place had the same kind of elegance, but no. It was a simple place where people would watch us fight. It was not bad constructed, not at all, but it was too simple. There was nothing interesting to watch.

While walking we encountered the troublemaker girl of the banquet. She noticed us and cupped her hands. We went near us; all the haughtiness of that time was gone. “I want to apologize for my behavior last time, I hope that you can forgive this Yuan Ling. Also, I want to thank you for don’t said anything against my group. I am deeply ashamed of that day and I swear that I will never do this again.»

Now she knew how powerful we were, he had a change of heart, I was a little angry by that, but I could understand her position. Also, she, aside of badmouthing us, didn’t do anything to harm us, and even lied to the City Lord. If she fulfilled her promise, I thought that we could forgive her.

“Sister Yuan don’t have to worry about it —said Meng Shang apparently thinking the same as me—, that day was something that we can blame to our youth. This happens all the time, and it’s not worth it to take it seriously. I think that we could be friends if you allow us, it would be our honor if you accept that.”

She smiled, the enemy of one day is the ally of another day. “Take this as a token of gratitude and friendship —she said while giving me a jade box—. It an artifact that could help you in this part of the free for all, I hope that you will receive it.” We accepted it, my Master look at the artifact and said that it didn’t have any kind of problems. It was a tiny circle forged in silver. “It a twice-use shield that could enclose both of you if necessary.”

“We are very thankful for this gift, but why are you giving it to us? We are your competitor in this moment”, I said.

“Yes, you are, and that’s why I’m giving you this. I want you to pass the second round. I want to fight with you with all my power, and see who is the strongest.”

But it would not be easier if she defeats us in the first part? I didn’t understand why she did it, but I was grateful. “You will see a lot of that type in your life —said my Master— there is always people who wants to fight with the strongest, and she clearly thinks that your team are, that’s why she is helping you.”

That made less sense, but it didn’t matter. If she thought that one who become a quasi-divine some weeks ago and a high semi-mortal was the strongest team and she gave us a gift because of that, who I was to tell her no? We talked for several minutes until her partner called her.

“We have to win this part —suddenly Meng Shang said—, I want to also fight her.” So he was also that type? Great, well I would keep practicing until the day came, and then we would see.

We went to the room prepared for me at the coliseum and begin to meditate. I need to improve at least a little bit. I knew that I would be one of the weakest members in the fight, so I had to be on alert.

I had to be more powerful.

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