85 Duo battle I

In the city there were thirty sects including us. According to my Master and Meng Shang, most cities only have 4 or 6 at maximum, and the fight between them was from a cold war to a bloody one. So having so much was a miracle that only the City Lord could do. With his strength and with the power of his sect, no other sect was so fool as wage a war. Also, he had created an environment where all sects could live together without too much problems. He had proclaimed that all sects are welcome, but they have to abide by the rules. What happened to the Metal Turtle Sect was one example of this, but they were others were only left a plot land where a magnificent Sect was.

All the rest of the sects understood that peace had more benefit for them, especially in this gourmet city, where trade and food would make rich to anybody. They had order, progress and richness, why would they fight each other? But humans being humans, they also wanted to show they power to others, so when the City Lord instated the tournament, they were happy because they could send their best apprentices and show their power, even if the apprentices were only at the quasi-mortal level.

But now, this changes in the tournament were unexpected and exciting. First everyone thought that it would be cancelled permanently as the City Lord said, but later they found that he wanted to do this kind of free for all, and it was with quasi-divines! Who would not enjoy showing more than they excellent but weaker disciples? The quasi-divines had been taught excellent techniques, and had a good cultivation, it was a perfect show off for every sect. After this, they would expect more people to join their sects.

Now in the stage were 60 people, 2 for each sect. Even the powerful sects that normally don’t participate, this time did it. We didn’t know anyone except for Yuan Ling, but why she was there? Was she not a quasi-mortal? Perhaps she had hidden her strength.

The rules were simple in this part. We had to fight as a team, and if one lost, both did it, so coordination of the team was important. We were not allowed to kill or cripple, even if the other part didn’t want to surrender, for that cases we had a referee who would judge who was fit to still combat. Also as stated before, we could only use techniques and weapons that where not powerful enough to be a free win. That was good for the small sect, because the bigger one, could not use their relics and thousands of years old ultimate techniques. Also, as we were 30 pairs, the contest would end when only 10 groups remained, and they would be the ones to pass to the second part.

“Remember the rules —said the referee who was not other than the City Lord himself—, I will be observing you, don’t shame your sect, make them prideful! Act as the noble cultivators you are! And now… begin!”

Nobody moved. I was as expected, everyone was waiting the other teams to be the one who started. However, I could see that some groups where seeing each other, that could mean two things, or they were about to attack each other, or they were to team up. That was something that Meng’er and I had spoken before as a possibility, the weaker sect would do the impossible to eliminate some of the strongest. After a while, all started.

As expected, some groups allied to attack others, what was unexpected is that some groups were attacking us. The group that in theory of the weakest. That also made sense, but I didn’t believe that five teams would try to eliminate us. Since when we were so popular?

Meng Shang was the first to react. He punched one of them, but a sphere appeared protecting him. It was similar to what Yuan Ling gave us, but Meng Shang had not finished, his other with his other punch he injected elemental thunder qi, and the sphere dissolved. Not only that, but the protective gear that he was using broken up. The City lord transported the injured to a safe place, together with his team mate. For them it was over.

The other four groups stopped. They were searching for a cat, but found a tiger. They quickly regroup and left us alone. “Since when you could your elemental qi?” I asked amazed, I thought that he couldn’t do it. “Goddess teach me, but I can only use lighting; she said that you could use other elements if you wanted and that made me a little jealous.” He said while grinning.

Fights where everywhere, and some groups try to attack us, Meng Shang dispose of the quickly. Everybody thought that I was the weak partner, and they were right, but I had one of the strongest participants with me. So, at least for this part, I was safe, or I thought.

Two groups went charging at us, “Get behind me!”, he yelled. I knew that he could win even with that two groups, I had seeing fight against the group of the girl, and they were not so good, so they thought that we would be easier even if they saw what happened a little while ago.

I get behind him, and I was thinking why they chose to fight someone as Meng Shang, I knew that I was a weak link, but even so, it was very dangerous. Something was strange. Suddenly, I sense something strange behind my back, I didn’t know that it was, but I used Shell defend with a lot of qi at my back, near my heart. I felt that there would be danger in that zone. Then I felt the impact. It was a sneak attack! It only made me move a little bit, but I heard a painful cry. I turned back and saw a girl who had her hand shattered. It was surprise for everybody there, and the ones who were attacking Meng’er stopped and tried to step back. Before they could do it, he blew away one group.

The groups with the girl and the one he blew away were transported to another place like before by the City Lord. We had already eliminated three groups.

And most of the viewers realized as the same time as me, that I was not the weakest link that we thought.

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