86 Duo battle II

Some people noticed our quickly dispatch of the pairs. One of the people who use was the father of the girl. He was sitting in the section of Sect Master and I could sense his killing intent. “Friends, remember that in the realm of cultivator accidents happens —said the City Lord with a serious tone—, we had our fair share of injuries that have helped us to become better than before. It would be strange that the ones who are already disqualified would not be stronger the next time. So let’s the juniors be juniors, and let them suffer what a cultivator needs to suffer to improve oneself. I think this is a good thinking and every one of the seniors would need to share it, don’t you think?”

He spoke to all, but the Sect Master who was furious understood that it was for him, and he stopped. Probably he was still angry, but what could he do against the City Lord? And even if he actually hit or killed me, that only would be a humiliation to his sect. He only huff and sat down.

“Your Shell defends is better than mine! How do you do it?” asked Meng’er after a while. “Now you see that you are not the only one with good tricks” I responded smiling. He laughed and we continued to fight. This time we went to an active role and began to attack some of the groups. We had to be careful, if we fight a powerful group, we could be attacked by others in that moment, so we had to win fast. We saw two groups fighting and they were tired, “What do you think? One each one?” He knew that I could eliminate one of the groups, he had confidence in me. “Sure” I responded.

Immediately, he left right and I, left. Both groups were so occupied by their fighting that they didn’t see us until it was too late. He used his lightning attack and I used Headbutt. With his attack he eliminated the pair in one hit, but I only could hit one, but it was so strong that he flew off the arena and his group was also disqualified. “Not bad at all”, he said smiling. “And you are a showoff” I retorted grinning.

From 30 groups, only eleven remained. “What should we do?” I asked. “We’ll wait. If we continue attacking, we would be easy prey, and thanks to you we have a strong defense, so it’s better to stay alert and wait the last group to be eliminated.” I nodded.

We didn’t have to wait a lot. After a few minutes, the City Lord ordered us to stop. The 10 teams were completed and after two days, we would do the second part.

All the competitors were tired, we could see how some groups were better than others. I saw a lot of blood in one of them and it was a miracle that they weren’t eliminated. It didn’t surprise me to notice that Yuan Ling was one of the people who remained. She saw us and smiled.

“Now we rest —said Meng’er—, in two days we will be enemies. It would feel somewhat strange.” I knew what he meant, but I was also wanting to fight with him. “Don’t worry, I would be nice with you” I said as a joke, but he saw me, and his face changed. “I want you to fight me with all your power. I want to fight the true you.”

In that moment, I noticed that he was as eager as I to fight. I would not disappoint him.

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