87 Elemental qi

After the fight ended, we entered our rooms, we were so tired, that I almost immediately went to sleep. I really don’t know how much I slept, but the sun was setting down. I entered my inner place and saw my Master chatting with Tenth turtle. They were quite serious. When she sensed that I came in, they stopped. That made me curious of what they were talking about.

“How do you feel after that fight?” asked my Master. I told her all my experience, the feeling of fighting and winning was pure trepidation. I knew that I had to be more grounded, but it felt so good when I had the power to disqualify the other teams. She heard me and smile. “Now you know what is fighting spirit, which was indeed a good experience for you. It will make you grow, but don’t believe that you are strong right now. You probably would not beat Meng Shang in a fight right now.”

Hearing that from my Master hurt a little, but in my heart of hearts I knew that it was the true. His fighting progress was superior to mine, and even if I was capable of defending, I was not to winning. “Master, is there is a way t improve in these two days?” I knew that it was impossible, but I had to ask anyway. Contrary to my expectations she said that there was a possibility.

“You have an ability to create any kind of elemental qi, but you take a lot of time doing it. What he could do it crate some kind of “reservoir” where you could store you elemental qi, and used when necessary. But you have to understand that in doing that, we are basically making holes in your soul, so it will be painful. The soul will be healed in time, but for a few weeks or even months you will suffer a lot of pain. Also, even if you can create these reservoirs, you could only use it for a limited time until the elemental qi runs off. So, if fast power versus a lot of pain, what do you decide?”

Making holes in my soul? That frighten me. And she said that I would suffer pain for even months. Did I really want that power? “Master, how profound and how many much of these reservoirs we can make?” I asked trying to think if it was worth it.” It’s all depending on what you can achieve —she said—, you can create reservoirs as big and as many as you like in your inner place, but it would be painful. One thing is to create a new route for your vital qi to flow and another make a drastic change here. If you really want to try it, I advise you than don’t make more than two, and not too profound and only use it for emergencies, but you can do what you want.”

“Master what you recommend me?” I asked still doubtful. “If it was for me, I would not do it. You only had to keep practice the technique that I give you and you will naturally do it, without the necessity of this pain, but everyone is different. My choses don’t have to be yours. You are the only one who can choose what you really want.” 

I wanted… to fight Meng Shang. I knew that I was weak right now and wanted to be stronger. I notice that my Master we would help whatever I chose even if she didn’t like what I choose, but perhaps she would be disappointed. “Master, help me do it.” I said, still doubtful, but I wanted to fight with all the strength I could muster.

I heard her sigh. “I wouldn’t be painful to do the reservoir if you could have two years more, but because of the time I have to do it, that’s why it would be painful, I will tear your inner self to do the reservoirs. You will have to bear the pain. Tell me when you want me to commence.”

I shook. I was thinking of saying no, but before I could even try to do it, my mouth said “now”. Pain. I only was pain. I can’t do anything, I can’t nothing. All was pain. I couldn’t meditate, I could enter my inner place, I only could have my eyes close while I was dying of pain. What could you shout when all you are pain? I tried to calm down, but it was impossible. The wishing of dying began to be in my mind.

Suddenly, all stopped. “I told you that it would be very painful, but now you can relax for a while.” When I could open my eyes, I felt so alive, my senses were at maximum, and I was drenched in sweat. I began to breathe as if it was the most glorious thing I could ever do. After a while a felt better and I could enter my inner place.

What I saw, shocked me in a bad way. There were two tiny pits, with the size of a bathtub. If I could enter any one, there deep would be around my shoulders. All what I suffered was for only that? I wanted to cry. “I see that you are not satisfied with my work —said my Master—, perhaps you want me to make more?” I goose bumped remembering the pain, and she felt my fear. “What you see is holes in your soul, it seem little, but it is a great accomplishment that you have not died in the process. I have made it so you can store the elemental qi for months if necessary. Now it’s your turn to select what kind of elemental qi do you want in.”

I still could feel the pain in my soul, but I knew that it would be worth it. “Master how much time I could use the elemental qi?” “It all depends in the use —she answered—, if you only use a little bit, it could last for one or two hours, but if you are in a life-or-death situation, perhaps least than five minutes each.”

It wasn’t much, but if used well, I could save my life, or even in this case, win the tournament. “Before you decide what kind of elements you would want to have, let me say something to you —said Tenth Turtle while interrupting my thinking—. I can also help you a little. If I can connect with your soul tree, I could use your vital qi to create another Shell defends, and control it, so you only have to take care of one, this could help you in multiple situations. However, I could not use the elemental qi in that technique, but only vital qi, but as denser as the time you showed me your advance. Do you want me to link to your soul tree?”

That was unexpected, especially coming from him. I couldn’t think why he wanted to help me. “How do you will link to my tree?” I asked warily. “I have given a lot of nutrients to your soul tree so it’s easy to me to do that, I only had to bite it, and I could command a part of that. Your tree would accept me to control some of it, but not all, that’s why I can only use one Shell defends.” I saw my Master and she nodded. If he could do that, my defense would increase with my attack, it was a good deal. “But what would you gain doing that, people says that nothing is free in this world.” I retorted. “Silly girl, living here for me is like a paradise, I prefer to live here than with the other turtles. I can grow here, improve myself while you are stronger, so why would I not help you? It’s a case when both parties win, no one will lose.”

After talking to him and my Master I accepted. Now I had to think what kind of elemental qi I would require. One of them was obviously lighting, it was the strongest are the easier for me to make. But what could be the other one? I had to think about it in the next hours.

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