88 Battle against all I

The day came. I was feeling still the pain, but it was manageable. With the two elemental qi reservoirs and the second Shell Defends, I thought that I had a good possibility to win this, including fighting against Meng Shang. I would be so much happy if the pain was not there, but it was a remain of my election.

At the stage we were the 20 participants in a circle. Meng Shang was not near me, nor Yuan Ling, but two men of perhaps twenty of thirty years old, both quasi-divines. I sensed all the group, and I was the only one who was semi-mortal. I knew many saw how I fought before, but for many that didn’t see me, I was and easy prey. I could feel that both men were from the second group.

“Welcome again to this last part of the tournament —said the City Lord, now sitting in his place and not acting as a referee—. Many of the noble sect masters here, plead me to not be the Judge of this part. Some thinks that I can be unfair.” A murmur was heard everywhere, what kind of idiot could say that things to the City Lord? In that moment, nobody knew, but after this it would something notorious, perhaps something like the issue of the Metal Turtle Sect would occur again. “So, this time —he continued—, there will be three sect masters and my vice City Lord as referees. They will be as just as I was, or even more. Will see.

The rules are almost the same. The only two differences are that obviously this is a free for all, so if one of your own sect is disqualified that doesn’t mean anything. And this time we will stop until only three participants remain. They will be rewarded by how well they have fought. I hope to see fights that are worth it of your sect’s names! Do your best effort! And now… commence! ”

Not even a second passed, and the cultivators between me, started to attack me. I evade one of them, and the other was was blocked with Shell defends. It had the same density as last time, when I broke that girl hand, but this time the cultivator didn’t seem affected, only stepped back. I needed to do it denser, to have a better result. “Not bad, boy —one of the attackers said—, but it would be better for you to give up. We are not only more powerful than you, but also have more experience. Be a good boy and leave if you don’t want to suffer.”

Well, there were right, if I was not suffered all that to become more powerful, perhaps I would really think about it, but in that moment, I knew that I could beat the both of them easily. “Senior brothers, I thank you for your warnings —I said politely—but, been in this stage is something that I will do until I can’t simply no longer fight. That’s the path of the cultivator. I hope senior brother can understand me.”

They huffed, how could I say that words? I meant that I had hope of winning against them. That infuriate them and the fight began.

The one of the right took out a sword, and the other a lance. I felt that the sword had a fire attribute and the lance a wind one. I had to be careful with both. “So you want to fight to the last? —said one of them— Well, these senior brother will give you a lesson that you will never forget!”

The one with the lance commenced a frontal attack, his movements were swift, and I could felt the power of the wind in each stroke. I evade them, but if some of that hits touch me, I could be in grave danger. He speeded up his trusts, giving me less time to react. I knew what would happen right away, I sensed. From my back the swordsman tried to stab me. I lead Tent turtle to defend me, and he used a denser Shell defends. His fire attack penetrated a little of my technique, but not enough to make me an injure. The spear guy seen the attack failed, continued with his trust. I knew that they would tried again, probably with more strength this time, so I pretend to run away. That paralyzed them a little bit, but they follow me, they were faster than me, but the swordsman was faster than the other. And in that moment, I used Changing currents. It was only a mortal technique, but I supplemented it with a little of lighting power, so the speed increased tenfold. The changing of directions was something that they didn’t think, so I used Headbutt to the swordsman. He didn’t have time to use a defense artifact or technique. I hit him in the chest cleanly and he flew out while vomiting blood. “Out!” I heard one of the referees said.

Changing currents using elemental qi, take a toll on my body. I felt all my muscle torn apart. The lancer was shocked of what he saw, but when he saw me in that state, went after me. “Dragon piercing the heavens!” He yelled. From his speed, wind qi in the form of a dragon was shoot. That was something that I knew that a simple Shell defend would not be able to cope, so I quickly infused metal qi to the technique. His technique shocked mime and was dissolved. He couldn’t believe it. I used that time to dash at him and infuse lighting qi to Headbutt. “Out!”, I heard again. And in that moment, I was alone, ad I could see the other still fighting. I normalized my breath but pay attention to my surroundings. For now, at least I could relax a little bit.

I hear “out” more than 10 times, so only 7 of us left. Meng Shang and Yuan Ling were also there.

“Time!” the City Lord shouted. “We have saw wonderful techniques and the progress of many of our sects. Now we will take a thirty-minute break so our last participant can rest for a while. I think that we haven’t seen the best of them yet.”

I was still exhausted. Convening elemental qi was more complex that I thought and Changing current, still hurt me. I needed a break.

But I knew that soon it would be worse.

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