90 Battle against all II

We entered to the stage and the referees made us separate us so we couldn’t sneak attack our opponents at the first seconds. I was near Yuan Liang but far from Meng Shang. Our strategy would begin the moment the fight commenced. We had to group up. It was the only chance we had to fight against the others.

When the referees ordered us to commence, we run to the middle of the stage. As we thought, the rest was following us, they want to eliminate us quickly. Yuan Liang-was faster than me so I was at the rear, two of our enemies attack me. I could use Shell defends, but I didn’t want to show that I could make two, so I used the artifact she gave us before the first part of the fight. The artifact glowed and dispersed both attacks and even knock backed them. That gave me time to group with Meng Shang.

When the three were reunited, she asked how I made them knock back. That seemed strange, because that was something that she gave us. “Yes, it’s a shield —she said—, but it never showed that kind of ability, how do you did it?” I didn’t know, and we didn’t have time to search for an answer, all the four were coming at us. “Are you ready?” Meng Shang asked, we nodded.

If we were alone, we would have not known anything about of them, but Yan Liang had lived in this city for a long time and know all the participants. She gave us what she knew about them, and that was the basis of our plan. My opponent would be a fat cultivator, but his techniques were swift, and the armor he used was really well made. He was the son of another Sect Master and it showed. He was quickly catching me, and I immediately used Changing currents to attack him instead. He was prepared for that and activated a shield.

That shield looked powerful, so if I wanted to break it, I had to use the Beak technique and perhaps even had to use metal qi, but I didn’t want to use it. If I used it, I would have to show my techniques to my allies that I knew in a few moments would be my opponents. I decided to use the beak without elemental qi. It didn’t work, not at all; he even had time to counterattack me, and I was in an instable position and didn’t have time to use Shell Defends. “Let me handle it”, said Tenth Turtle and he used the technique denser that what I had achieved until now.

The fist clashed with my technique, it made a loud sound, and both had to step back. My technique was broken, but his was nullified. He was surprised by that, and I had to take that opportunity. I still didn’t want to use my technique, so I remembered the knife my Master gave me! I charged it with vital qi and stab the shield. Not only the shield exploded, but the fat cultivator got blown out of the stage. I didn’t think that the knife could have so much power, but at least I won to that person.

I was about to turning to my allies when I heard something that petrified me: “Tang Jian! Disqualified!”

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