92 Curiosity and hand

While I was waiting in the room, my Master get out of my inner self and said that she would spy them. I was worry that they could discover her, but she said that nobody there had the ability to do so. She was there for some hours and when she returned, she told me everything.

“You don’t have to worry about, they will even gift you some good things —explained my Master—. It was difficult for them to decide what to do with you, especially….

She stayed quite while grinning. “Especially, what?” I asked preoccupied to my Master.

“Well… remember when you said that only you could use the knife? They tried to prove if it was true. Now they know the answer, and we could say that they really have learn a lesson.”

She was grinning more and more. “Master, what did you do? You have not offended that people, no? They are very powerful and we can have problems!”

“Little girl! —she said while laughing hysterically—, that’s why you are still a little girl! Do you really think that after knowing the true, that you are really the disciple of a incredible array master as me, they would try to make problems for you? Do you think that they are so dumb? I’m not a modest person, so I could say that there are not many people that can be my equal in arrays. And they have earned that the hard way.

By the way, they have broken your knife, also she had destroyed her right hand and they have multiple injuries, even the City Lord have ones although minor ones.”

I was terrified of what I was listening. What happened there? Why I didn’t hear anything?

“That room is sound proofed, even that kind of explosion would not be heard by anyone outside the room. I have to say that if the now cripple array master create the sound proofing array, she is not that bad, but well… curiosity killed the cat… or in this case destroyed a hand.”

She was still laughing, and I was terrified of how happy she was while talking of destroying hands and injuries. In that moment she really look like a demon. ”They thought that they were masters, and in this city, they are; but outside, oh! Outside! You soon will discover the wonders and the dangers of outside! But for now, you are very safe.”

I wanted to be reassure with the words of my Master, but I felt insecure. A Master had lost a hand! And it was my knife! How would this not be punished?! I try to explain that to my Master, but she took it like I was joking. “Do you really believe that they will punish someone that they know that is innocent? Well, it’s true that in another moment they could do just that, but remember that frog you call venerable Founder. They know that he is as powerful as the City Lord, even more; they know that you are a disciple of a powerful array master. Perhaps they could try to fight one or another, but both? That would be stupid, and the City Lord is anything but stupid. He knows his place in this type of matters.

You will see.”

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