93 Prize and gift

The City Lord invite me again to see him, this time in another smaller room. He was alone. “We have understand that we were wrong accusing you of cheating, for that I, as the City Lord, apologize.” I knew from what my Master said that this would happen, but seeing a mighty figure apologizing to me was kind of unsettling. “City Lord —I said—, there is nothing to apologize, what you try to achieve was fairness in the tournament. I can understand why you thought that I was doing that, so there is no need for that.”

He nodded and smiled lightly. “It’s good to know that juniors of this generations acknowledge the difficulties of being fair. Even so, we made a mistake and even destroyed your knife without intention. For that reason, it would be simply unjust to let it be. I can’t give you an artifact equivalent to the knife you had, and even if I have one, I’m sure you Supreme Master could make something better easily. So what I can give you is four months in my private meditation room.”

A meditation room where places that were rich in energy. That energy serves to improve the power of the cultivator and even with the possibility to ascent to a superior level. Many cultivator’s families have them in their post secret places in their manors. Sects have them too, although they aren’t as secretly as the families, not many people could use them. And now, the City Lord was saying that I could use his, probably the best in all the city for four months, which was something that I couldn’t refuse. “Also —he continued— the referee who was wrong want to give you and compensatory apology, he is really ashamed that his actions lead you to a disqualification.”

“Oh! So he actually found someone to take the blame for him —said my Master—. He was the one who disqualified you, but it would be a loss of face if people knew that he made an unjust mistake and even destroyed your weapon. So he needed other person for blame him or her. I heard that they didn’t think that anyone would accept that, but well, money move mountains sometimes. Accept all that, it would be good for you.”

I cupped my fists and thanked the City Lord for his generosity. He was glad and invited me to see the award ceremony. I asked who had won, and he said that it was Yuan Ling, and the second place was Meng Shang. I was surprised that he didn’t win first place, but my suspicion that she was someone completely different of what we thought was confirmed.

We went to his honor seat, and everybody could see me next to the City Lord. He explained that my disqualification was a mistake, and they will be not unjust with me. One of the referees come to me and apologized in front of everybody. He was very courteous and I responded in kind. After that, nobody said anymore about this fact and all the attention went to the ceremony.

Meng’er saw me and he was happy. Probably he thought that I would be in problems, but seeing me now, he was relaxed. Yuan Ling also saw me and she smiled. It seemed that she was actually happy that I was well, but before I tried to make her a friend, I wanted to know how she beat Meng’er. If she beat him in a good fight, I would not have any problems with her, but if she backstabbed him… she would be my enemy forever.

I asked politely to the City Lord how the fight went, but he didn’t know also. He had the problem with me, and he didn’t see the fight. But he told me that if I wanted I could receive a recording of the fight. I gladly accepted.

Now it was time for the ceremony. The Vice City Lord presented the prizes to the winners. Yuan Liang was presented a beautiful sword that began to glow when she touched it. I sensed that their power was great, that was a real artifact not like my knife. “Do you think that that sword could win against your knife? You really underestimate the things that I could do —said my master chastising me—. That sword is not bad, I can feel the power of it and is a good prize for this kind of tournament, but nothing more. I could make something heaven deifying without much trouble that would be like compare a mortal to a god.” I didn’t know if my Master was gloating or if she actually could do it, but she was my amazing Master and if someone could do it, I hoped it was her.

Meng Shang was presented a pill. It was the River Dragon Ascend pill. The City Lord explained that that pill would make Meng’er to become a high quasi-divine after took it. Obviously he had to meditate, and prepare a lot for it before took it, but it was something that not many people could have the chance to obtain and it will help him a lot. I felt happy for him, but in my heart f hearts I was sad because the gap between us would become larger and larger.  

After the ceremony concluded, I went to see Meng’er and he was with Yuan Ling talking happily. I was intrigued and then they told me about their fight. According to them it was a fair fight and both were satisfied with the results and wanted to celebrate it. I felt better knowing that he was in a good mood, so I followed them to a restaurant to eat.

It was a good night, we eat a lot, Yuan Ling pay all. She said that it was the least she can do after having so much fun. The restaurant was not cheap and it was the same one that started the debacle of the Metal Turtle Sect. The food was amazing and everyone treated her as someone with reputation. Meng Shang also noticed that but didn’t say anything. We already knew she was someone important in a sect, so it was natural the treatment. We kept talking, drinking and eating. It was fun.

Who would have thought that it would be the last time that we would have this kind of fun.  

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