96 How’s your father?

The City Lord told us how this man made him a cultivator, how they shared very dangerous moments and sworn to be brothers forever. He even helped him to build the first restaurant here, and that was, in that time, around nowhere. The restaurant was the first pillar of what it would become Chao Fan City.

“You know? I have always have a good regards about the Metal Turtle Sect, they are so carefree, that I was kind of envious of him; but if I had to say it, the Sect have a very big problem, it treats everyone as family, and family is the most important to a member of the sect. I know that this is a traditional value, and I really would not have any complains about it, it’s the thing that make us strong, but if you are not careful, it’s the thing that can make you weak.

He constantly went to his family so his cultivation always was paused for whatever reason his family wanted. It was so much, that in some years my cultivation was better than his. I tried to remind him that cultivation was also important, but he didn’t care so much about that.

So I saw him less every time and our meetings were also shorter. He was happy with his decision so who I was to said something about it? Years passed and one day he write me telling me that he was going to get married and invite me to the ceremony. I was pretty happy for him, I was not the path that I wanted for him, but the path he had chosen. In that moment I really understood my father and I laugh at the irony.

I went to the wedding giving plenty of gifts to my sworn brother. I thought that I would see a grand ceremony, but no; it was a very little ceremony with only a few people, most of them were family members. The family treated me with respect, but they were very cold. I think that if not for my cultivation, I probably would have been treated like a dog. In that time, Chao Fan City didn’t exist, it was a mere restaurant that was well known around the cities. For them I was merely a cook who have cultivation. I didn’t care for them, I only went to see my sworn brother’s wedding.

After the ceremony, we were invited for a banquet, and there I could see her face. I had to admit that he had very good taste. She was beautiful, a heavenly deifying beauty. I could talk to them, and she seemed perfect for him, and him perfect for her. It’s not a shame to say that I was a little jealous of him. We talked until is was time for the couple to went their chambers. And it was almost the last time I saw them.

While I was occupied with the restaurant and the city, they had their obligation within the sect, she was also from the Metal Turtle Sect, and the family. So we couldn’t meet as many time as we wished, but every time I was with them, it really felt like it was a family. But no all was happiness to them, they had tried many time to conceive a child, but it was difficult to them. His family was even thinking of make him divorce her, and that was the only thing that he would not accept. He loved her very much and he told me that if the heavens didn’t give them a child, then he would be happy with nly her for the rest of his life.

A very long time passed, perhaps one hundred years, when I received a letter. They finally would have a baby! He wanted me to see him, but at that moment the City was almost like it was now, so I didn’t have time to do it. He understood and he always send me letters about her pregnancy. I send his medicine for her. I wanted that their child was healthy and strong. Until finally, he wrote me that he had a boy! He was in ecstasy. I send him many gifts to my nephew and I really wanted to see him, but the responsibilities of a City Lord are many. So we always kept writing for years… until it stopped.

I tried to find what happened to them, but it was impossible. I sent many spies to the family, but the family had closed its doors, so they couldn’t find him. I tried to communicate with the Sect, and they too it like an invitation to join the city. I didn’t care because I thought that perhaps they could have something, but nobody knew him. In that moment I understood that something had happened to the Sect, but that was not my problem until you know what.

The only clue I had was the name of the boy, it was Meng Shang. And now you know of whom I was talking about, who is the one who help me for a meal, who was the one who made me a cultivator, who was the one who helped me achieve my dreams, who is the one who is my dearly sworn brother. So I have a question for you Meng Shang… how’s your father?”

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