97 The inheritor

The question froze Meng Shang for a second before he began to cry. The City Lord was sensing that something was wrong and asked what happened to him. Meng Shang told him everything, until the last detail. The face of the City Lord changed colors multiple times, from white, to purple and finally red. He lost it and released a killing intent that was drowning us. It was the first time I felt something like this.

Many guards and even the vice City Lord came to the room. I could see that most of them was also having problems breathing. Only the vice City Lord could have the resistance to asked him what happened. After that, and seeing how his killing intent was damaging us, he lowered it. “Today I have heard something that never in my life I would think I would happen. Today is a sad day, my friend was killed, and I was not there to protect him. Today I will mourn him, later… blood will rain, women will cry, and children will be orphans.”

His word frozen my blood, but Meng Shang was smiling. That smile was not normal, it was creepy, like someone who had lost any reason. I took his hand and released some of my vital qi. He was surprised at first, but then became normal. He felt my intentions, and thanked me.

“Meng Shang —said the City Lord—, I will ask you a question for everybody to hear, so answer what your heart desires. What do you want? Do you want for me to take revenge in your father’s honor or you want to be the avenger? I will be fine which you chose, but the blood of my brother and my sister wild be pay.”

Meng’er thought about it for a moment. “City Lord —he cupped his fist while talking—, the most I want is to avenge the death of my parents. I want to kill the perpetrator with my own hands. Would you help me to do that?”

The City Lord laughed. “Yes! That’s how a cultivator have to act! You have cut ties with that family and you even have a sworn brother. You are making a family of your own. I will give you techniques and resources that nobody in this city has. In a few months you vengeance will be done and I will help you do that. Everything this city has is yours, because in this moment I will proclaim that Meng Shang, son of my sworn brother Meng Dan, will be adopted as my own son. He will be the Young Master of this city, and only the vice City Lord and I will be above him, until it’s time for him to take my position.”

The vice City lord tried to say something, but the look of the City Lord was enough to stopped it. Much, much later, he told me that he was preoccupied of the ramifications of that edict, but the City Lord was someone that loved his brother as his own blood. He wouldn’t care of any problems that this would arouse, and if anything happened, he would simply crushed it. That’s why he stopped.

Soon the news run in all the city, and many important people wanted to see the adopted son of the City Lord, but all of them were denied. They were explained that he was cultivating in that moment and nobody had to interrupt his training. So these people only could return to his manors. And that’s the beginning of how Meng Shang become one of the most powerful men in the world.

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