100 The next step

I left my inner place, I was sweating, and blood was all over me. Oddly enough, I didn’t felt pain, only a refreshing sensation in all my body. “Congratulations! Now you finally will be capable to use my technique much better. How do you feel?” I talked about what I was feeling an she nodded, she was really happy. “That process is unique to my technique —said my Master—, but is the most important step and it was something that only you could, do it?”

“Why?” I asked intrigued.

“Well, when I said that only you could do it, I mean that it’s because you have already meditated about yourself. Without that step, in would be impossible to go to the next phase. What you had do was meditate, not the kind of meditation most cultivators do. That kind analyzed a technique, and artifact or a power to absorb. That’s not the kind of cultivation you need…”

“But Master… —I interrupted her—, I absorbed a power…”

She laughed. “Yes, indeed, you did it —she retorted—, but it’s different. You also have to do this type of meditation, but with my technique you have to meditate about yourself, gain insight of yourself, not about the power. The more you know about you, the more powerful you would become, but doing that it’s difficult. Knowing about yourself sometimes is more difficult that ascend to godhood. But for now, what you have achieved will help you in ways that you would never have imagined. Enter your inner self again.”

I did it, and I saw that all the destruction was repairing itself, but all felt stronger. The tree itself had changed an now it looked like a century old tree and some fruit were ready to be taken. “Don’t touch the fruit right now, it’s not time —my Master instructed me—, I will tell you later how to use them.

For now, it’s time for you to grow. Absorbe freely the energy of the room, don’t be shy about it.”

I began to do it, and I noticed the change. Before, I had to flow in equal manner the yin and yang energy, but now it was not necessary. The energy could be taken without trouble and the taiji that was formed glowed. The quantity I was flowing to my soul tree was larger than ever before, but I didn’t feel any disturbance nor pain, in fact I felt that I was already in the quasi-divine stage, however there was not lighting attacking me. For now it didn’t matter, I kept absorbing energy. From low rank to middle rank, from middle rank to high rank. It was incredible, and I felt that I could go beyond that.

“Stop —advice my Master—, surely you know that there will be a lighting retribution. The reason you have not being hit by it is because this room, but when you get out, you will be attacked by the heavens. Right now you will easily fight it, but if you went to the semi-divine stage, it will be very difficult to you. Also, it would be better for you to keep meditating and training the techniques with your current power.” I thought about it, and I really wanted to keep going but I followed my Master instructions. So now, I was a quasi-divine and it felt great.

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