02 Master

After the shock, I felt better, but the smell of blood was evidence of what have happen. I didn’t know what to fell. “Girl, it’s good that you feel that way, I don’t want to teach murderers, but doves are also a no no. Remember that mercy almost get you killed. This time, you could prevent it, but could you do it the next time? Or the one after that? Remember, be neutral to who are neutral to you, a Buda to who is kind to you and a demon to who wants to kill you. That’s life in this world, remember that always.”

I had many things to think. What that voice said, was true, but I didn’t want to have blood soaked hands. Yes, I wanted my revenge, I wanted my family to suffer, but not that way. I didn’t know what to do.

“Little girl —the voice speak this time with a strict voice—, even if you don’t want to kill your family, you need strength and the conviction to kill. What could you do as you are right now? You are a powerless little girl that only knows how to be a proper woman. All your life had the only meaning of marriage, but now what? Would you have your vengeance cooking? Raising kids? Reciting poetry? The man who send these ones, perhaps will send more, what would you do?

I have save you once, but next time you have to save yourself and I’m giving you the chance. Would you take it?”

I was scared, I saw the blood, the destruction, my torn clothes, my vomit. I saw all that. I trembled, and my tears began to wash my face. “I need strength, teach me, master,” I said.

“Very well, I will do it, little girl, and the first lesson that I will teach you is to not be so naïve. I will be your master, but what would you do if I have bad intentions? Perhaps I want to use you, or torture you. You don’t even know what I am. What do you think?”

After a while I answer firmly, “Master, my life is yours. If not for you, I could be dead, not only that, my body could be sullied. I would have died with nobody to mourn me, food for the wild animals, a thing. If you want me dead, you could have waited; if you want to torture me, what can I do? From the beginning my life was not mine, but if you will be really my Master, no matter what you are, I promise you that I will be always loyal to you and not even the heavens could break my oath.”

“Good! —said the voice was laughing happily—, I will be your master! And for the bond of trust, I will be honest with you, at first, wanted your body. I need a fresh dead body to reincarnate. This body have to be highly compatible with my soul, and yours is like that. I could have being very easy to me to wait for your dead, but you know? Your situation was similar to somebody I swear to protect, but at that time I was too weak to do it. She had a gruesome dead, and I promise myself that I would prevent any similar situation to occur again. As you can see this is karma.”

I could feel the sadness in the voice. Perhaps she was a demon, but she was more humane that my family.

“The second lesson will be how to begin to cultivate —now she spoke gently, like a teacher that I used to have—, your body is mediocre at best, and your soul power is almost nonexistent. The first thing it could be changed and the second it was a blessing in disguise for you because for that I could enter your body and teach you. Later you will have a better soul power and perhaps could help me with obtain a new body, but that will be in the future. For now, I will teach you the basics of my cultivation technique, ‘Using demons and gods alike.’

What do you say? Are you ready?”

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