53 Master and converge II

My Master kept watching me. I was trying to understand about the impurities she talked about, but I couldn’t sense anything. Perhaps if I trained more I would sense it. I began not only use fire and ice, but also thunder. Thunder is was easier because I remembered how it felt. Very element was strange, their flux was different and the combinations of yin and yang were very precise, but it was amazing to do something like that. Never in my younger years had I thought that I would be doing this. It felt fantastic.

“If you show your thunder to Meng Shang, he will be surprised” said my Master smiling. She told me that his physique could also convert body qi to elemental qi, but he could only do one element. It was obvious which was. He is still training in it, and when this training period ended, we will see the fruits of our effort. Motivated by that, I kept training.

Each day it was easier to use elemental qi, but if I couldn’t use the technique that my Master gave me, what was the elemental qi good for? I could use it in my body, but without a technique that could proper used it, it was meaningless. I was thinking about that, when an idea began to grow inside me. The turtle’s techniques use body qi, but perhaps I could use elemental qi instead.

The first time I tried it went wrong. The headbutt technique needed a lot of qi and fast, more than what I could transform. I thought it would be the easier to do, but it was not. Then I tried Shell defends, that went better. I could transform the part I wanted to defend and use ice qi, but it was much thing that if I used body qi, and when I tried to change positions, all disintegrated. I didn’t even try to use the beak technique, if was already difficult to use with body qi, I could even imagine what would be the outcome if I tried.

 I could transform the qi, but it not in an effective way. I began to understand what Master said. It was one thing to know, another to put it in practice. I had two goals, first to make enough elemental qi to use it in Shell defends, and then do it fast enough to move the shield to another part of my body without breaking.

I noticed that it was easier when I tried using thunder qi, perhaps because of what happened. But I also noticed that when I sued it, the stopping power was less, but it had an electrifying effect. I could paralyzed and opponent quickly if he or she didn’t noticed.

If I could converge the elemental qi with the turtle’s techniques, the thing I could do would increase a lot. But, I didn’t know exactly how to achieve my goals. When I asked that to my Master she told me that it was time to do a true tour to my inner self.

I didn’t understand it in that moment, but it would be a life changing experience.

53 Master and converge I

Supreme Elder Gui created the bubble, it had a light shade of blue. Meng Shang and I entered it. “You will train your techniques in your inner self —said my Master—, first, train the basics of the turtle’s ones so you can teach them, then practice the ones I gave you. You have only 24 days to do it all.”

I entered my innerself, and began to study the techniques. This were easier than the one my Master gave me. The Shell defends technique was a really interesting one. Normally you flow your qi over all your body, but this technique was made to concentrate into a specific point most of your qi, making that part difficult to hit. The defensive capabilities were incredible, we have seen them; but it have a huge flaw. You had to pin point the exact place where the attack will come from, if you make a mistake, the part of your body attacked will suffer more damage than if you have not used this technique. You have to be quick, and know how to flow you qi fast. It could serve very well if you know where you will be attacked, but if not, or if there are multiple attacks, this technique would be probably useless. But well, it was a basic technique, so the flaws surely are improved later.

Turtle bites was more interesting. It had two paths, the beak and the headbutt. The beak was a technique where you use your finger like claws to destroy everything it touches, and the headbutt it’s a punch that could pass through a plate of steel like if it was butter. Both techniques were good, but the beak needed more qi control than the headbutt. Every finger had to have a good amount of qi to break things, while the headbuttt need that your qi was around your punch.

Why the technique my Master gave me was not as easy as these ones? With these, I only had to concentrate my qi in specific points, it was easy. But what my Master gave me was totally different. I had to transform my qi in an elemental one. Not even that, but I had do transform it into two types of elements. And worst of all, they were opposites: fire and ice. I had tried many time to do it, but always happened the same, it exploded, and it was really painful, and many times I had to change clothes because the one I had was destroyed by the explosion. Why she don’t give me a simpler technique?

At that moment, it didn’t matter, I had to learn the turtle techniques. I spent a week doing it. They were good techniques for a basic level, they could help me a lot in different situations.

When I was sure that I had mastered the basics of the turtle techniques, I began to train again with the one my Master gave me. At least in my innerself I didn’t have to change to new clothes and I could reabsorb the energy of the explosion so it was safer. Even so, it was difficult. My Master was not with me, she was with Meng Shang. I was a little jealous of that, but he was my brother, so I also wanted for him the best, but I really needed her to teach me.

Why every time I trid to merge both element, it exploded? It was obvious that it was because they were opposites, but there had to be a way for them to work together. But how? I tried everything, but nothing worked, I tried to do it slowly, faster, with more ice, with more fire, just in the middle. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I was lost.

“I can see that you have a problem —said a voice that make me happy—, tell me. What’s the problem with my technique?”

“Master! —I yelled of surprise and cheerful—, You came to help me!”

She smiled and asked me what the problem was. When I told her that I didn’t’ know how to combine both elements, she looked at me surprised. “So you discover yourself how to transform the qi of your body in elemental? How?”

“When you passed me the energy of Meng Shang, I could notice that it was a pure form of yin and yang combined. In that moment, I didn’t notice, but later I realized that all elements are similar, all have yin and yang in different levels, so I tried to merge this properties into my qi to give then an elemental property. It was bad what I did?”

Her eyes were as big as plates, she was speechless. She looked at me for a moment like if I was a kind of monster. “What you said it’s not all correct, but enough to give you this ability. I had to say, I didn’t believed that you were beyond that step. That first step is the most difficult one, but because of your shallow understanding you can combine both elements.”

I was excited thinking that my master was surprised by me. That meant that I was doing really well and I was half a step to achieving the understanding of that technique.

“Do you want me to tell you how to do it? —she asked as if was not obvious—. Shame, I will not do it.”

I asked why, almost angry. She looked at me severely, and I understood my mistake. “Pardon me for my improper manners, Master” —I said without looking to her eyes, I knew that what I did was something that I couldn’t be done.

She accepted the apology and asked me to show her what I achieved. I did it with all my enthusiasm, I wanted that she could see how much I progressed.

“As I told you the most difficult part was to use the elements —she said after showing my ability—, you almost jumped that step, but you need to keep training your qi transformation. It’s good, more than I could imagine that you could do in this stage, but it’s not perfect. I noticed some impurities in the elements. You have to think about it. That’s the only clue I will give you. So try using the elements, try suing not only fire or ice, but others. Do it until you realize what you need to do for the need step. I know that soon you will realize what you need.”

I was crestfallen for what she said, but I at least could try other elements, and not think about combining fire and ice. At least that was a good thing.

52 The gift

The Sect Master and the Elder left. We were about to also left, when Supreme Elder Gui asked us to stay.

“I’m grateful that you have come. You made me realize how important is all this to me. If I could I would want to made you my disciples, but one already have one, and the other I can see that his physique is not compatible with the Turtle Metal ways. Even so, I want to give you both a gift.”

He disappeared, and then reappeared with a bottle. “This bottle contain four pills that will allow you to ascend to the quasi-divine stage. Take it, is all yours.”

I was ecstatic, I never believed that I could go to the next stage so soon. Perhaps in no time I could achieve the semi-divine stage. I would be awesome. I looked at my Master for permission and she nodded. In that moment I realized that she was bigger than before, at least the size of my arm. What happened when she went to sleep? I would ask her later, but probably she will not answer me.

“Old frog —my Master said—this kids will train the other disciples, but they need more time to learn your basic techniques. Do you have a way to make time?”

Supreme Elder Gui not enjoyed how my Master called him, but he didn’t say anything. He only responded that if they want more time, he could create a tiny time bubble for 24 hours, where an hour would be a day. My master was surprised for that. “So you have mastered a little of the power of time. It’s really something!”

Supreme Elder Gui grinned a little bit. “Turtles are patient beings, we have too much time to meditate about time. Right now this tiny bubble is the only thing that I can do, but now that I know that I have to improve the sect, I will surpass the current me, and even the power of time will be strong enough to fight against you.”

What he said was amazing, my Master was more powerful than he? I thought that they could have the same level, but that was not the case. I was really lucky to have her as my Master.

“Before you two take the pills, you will train not only in the turtle techniques but the ones I gave you. I can notice that you have not practice enough. Your training will commence right now.”

Meng shang and I looked at each other, we were sleepy, but we could not say anything. The hell would commence again, and we couldn’t do anything to prevent it. We sighed.

51 Kowtow to the Founder

I called them and also Meng Shang. The first two were sleepy, but knew that if I had to wake up them again, something very important had happened. Before entering the shrine I explained very quickly what all was about. They couldn’t believe it. They were shaking, I didn’t know if it was for happiness or fear. We entered.

The first thing they saw was the head of a giant turtle. If I hadn’t tell them before, probably they would have been scared to dead. “So this mortal is the new Sect Master?” the turtle’s thundering voice asked.

The sect master was pale, he was shaken, he was frightened, he kowtowed. “Venerable Founder, this pitiful individual is the Sect Master. I know that doing that, the sect has lost all its face, and my bad decisions had made it worse. I will not try to explain myself, that’s a disgraceful behavior that the Venerable Founder should not hear. Punish me according to your law, but it I could do a shameless request, pardon the life of my brother. He had tried to help me, and his mistakes, are only the mistakes of this mortal and stupid Sect Master.” 

When the elder heard that, he kowtowed himself. He wanted to speak, but he didn’t know if speaking out of turn could made the Venerable Founder angrier. He didn’t want his brother to be punished, he had tried everything he could with his little knowledge to prevent the downfall of the sect. How, as a mortal, could he knew that the manual that he was using was not the original one? He knew that all what happen was worthy of dead, but he didn’t want his brother, the one who made so many sacrifices died like that.

The turtle looked at the elder and asked what will the punishment had to be in this case. The elder was white, he didn’t want to answer that. “Answer!” the voice yelled. “Venerable Founder —the Elder finally said—, he is blameless. As a mortal, he did what he could do. All the blame is mine. As a cultivator, I should have known better. I was scared to enter the repository, thinking that I would not understand the texts, it was me, who was afraid to grow a heart demon, that didn’t do my duty as an Elder. If you have to punish someone according to your law, it has to be me.”

“I see” it was the only thing that the turtle said. A dazzling light suddenly bright all the shrine, and the Sect Master and the Elder were thinking the worst, but they still kowtowed, they will at least died as men should die. But nothing happened.

“You are truly heirs of the legacy —said a soft voice—. Perhaps you did not enough, and perhaps you made mistakes, but you continued the sect in their worst time. Perseverance and patience are important things to have in the sect, but most important yet, is a link of brotherhood. You are indeed disciples of my Turtle Metal Sect”.

The turtle disappeared, and now it was a man who said that. If he was mortal, perhaps it could have 60 years old. He had a long white beard and he was bald. He was very skinny, you could see some of his bones. Especially because he was naked. This was the Venerable Founder in his human form.

I blushed, it was the first time I saw a naked man, even if he was and old man, but try to dissimulate. I was still acting as a man. My master giggled a little when she saw me, but quiet enough to only be heard by me.

The Sect Master was the first to get up and put his own gown to the turtle now man, then kowtowed again.

“Please, get up. From this moment we are part of the same family. And I will be the new sect master.”

There was a silence, and the turtle noted that the former Sect master wanted to say something. He allowed him to speak.

“Venerable Founder, It will my honor to be a disciple under your guide, but the City Lord put me in this position, and if you take control of the Sect, he will retaliate.”

“Hm! A little City Lord wants to fight with this King! I want to see that! But no… you are right. What matters is the sect. You will still be the Sect Master, but you will have to become first a cultivator. I will help you. You two will stay here and I will make you my two direct disciples. You will learn from me the true way of the Turtle Metal Sect. However, as the current Sect master will be busy, you need to have a deputy Sect master, is that correct?”

The current sect Master showed his understanding. He nodded happily. He never was denied the possibility of recruit people, simply nobody wanted to be recruited by them. So, if the Venerable Founder could appear as someone who wanted to join the Sect, there will be not a problem.

“So I believe that to be the deputy Sect Master —said the turtle—, I have to be the Supreme Elder, isn’t that right?”

That was the normal hierarchy in the sects. So he would be the new appointed Supreme Elder, and the true Sect Master under the shadows.

“From now on, you will not all me ‘venerable founder’, don’t forget and al will be Supreme Elder Gui.”

The two member of the sect kowtowed again. “Your orders are my command” said together.

50 The New Sect Master

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“Could you be the new sect master?”

I tried to understand what he was asking me. A sect master? This kind of title was for powerful people, not people like me. With my poor cultivation, I would be a joke of a sect master. I wanted to decline, but how to do it when a powerful being asked you that?

“No, she will not be your new sect master, old frog —my Master said firmly—. Her path is different, and she will be free to roam the world is she wants, not to be chained into the struggles of a sect.”

“But it’s better than a mortal or a quasi-mortal! —he retorted—. The sect is basically gone and she is the only one that knows about the situation and cares. If not her? Who? You?”

“Little frog, are you so old that your brain doesn’t work anymore? Think! Who can lead your own sect? Who do you think that have the power to stop any more loss of face? Who do you think it’s the better candidate?”

The turtle began to think and then realized. “Me? The sect master? I have never been a sect master. People call me ‘venerable founder’ for respect, but never because I was their leader. I can’t do it.”

The turtle was timid when he said that. He never thought that he could be the sect master, even if he was the older and most powerful being in the current sect.

“So this will be the end of the sect —my Master said as a matter of fact—. Even with their best effort, this sect will not reborn. You have lived enough to know how the things in the cultivation world are. You are the only one who can change that, if not, the legacy that you are so proud will end.

We can help you a little bit if you accept your role, but if not, after the tournament ended we will leave, and the sect will die.”

“Nothing in our world is permanent —spoke the turtle with regret—, all will change, even the Heavens. I was happy when his sons grew up, I was happy when they formed the sect, also when they told me to teach them. I was naïve thinking that the hearts of men would be always the same. When only the Sect master began to talk with me, I believed his words. When he put me in this so called “shrine”, I believed when he said it was for respect. At first he came every day and I was happy, and even when he started to come only once a year I was still happy thinking about the wonderful things he told me. When he didn’t come for years, I believed that it was because he was occupied.

Now the truth hurts, and I want to cry for all that is lost but you are right. If I want that the legacy still lives, I have to do it myself. If the hearts of man can change, this two thousand old turtle can also do it!

Little girl, please call the Sect Master and the Elder, bring them here. Things will change, they have to.”

48 The Sect Founder

The Sect Master and the Elder left, and I could talk with Meng Shang. He told me how he beat the crap out of the kids, and their learned the hard way how insignificant their cultivation was. I only could say that I was happy that he was not my Master. He went to sleep, but I kept reading a little more, I wanted to help that kids and perhaps I could find something else.

I picked up the token that the Sect Master threw, it was not broken. The quality of the token was incredible, and I can even felt some power in it. Later, I would ask the Sect Master about it, but I doubted that he knew something about that. I keep looking for more information. 

There were a part of the repository that was strange. Had a lot of scrolls, but no one of them was important. They were little stories that you could tell children before sleep, nothing more. Why these scrolls were there? Did the elder that robbed books put that scrolls? I didn’t make sense.

When I was near the scrolls, the token of the Sect Master began to glow. I saw how an array was activated, and a door was opened. I wanted to return to talk to everybody, but soon I realized that I was not longer in the repository. It was a strange place, very bright and with a lot of turtle motives. I knew that the sect was called Metal Turtle, but so many images of turtles were too much. It was like they were turtle fanatics.

“So finally you have come —said a thundery voice—, I have waited many years for my food. I hope that you didn’t forget this time.”

After a strange sound like sounded like breathing the place began to quake. “You are not the Sect Master! Little thief! You will not see the light of day again!”

I trying to explain, but the noise was too much, and even if I could, I doubt he would believe me. “Die thief!” His attack was a soul attack, he wanted to destroy my soul. If my body died, I could enter the cycle of reincarnation, but if my soul died, it was the end of all. I closed my eyes, thinking about my Master, and that I could even start my revenge. I felt pain, and it stopped.

“Who is the poor soul that tried to attack the soul of my disciple?!”

If the unknown voice was thundering, this voice that I heard so many times were terrible to hear.

“Master!”, I was glad that she have wake up. I was worried that something could have happened to her for helping us, but now I saw that she was in good condition, I was relieved.

“Thieves have to die!”, retorted the unknown voice.

“A frog deciding who will die, when this Queen is right here? Try it I we would eat a god barbeque frog!”

“Frog?! Do you have call me a frog?! I’m a divine turtle, who are you who thinks that could came hi and insult me! You will perish!”, said the voice more angry than ever.

“Turtle? Ha! You are simply a frog who live in a well. Try little frog, and we’ll see who is the true master here!”

There was silence. I forget even to breath. I didn’t felt any surge of qi in any of them, but the feeling of dreadfulness was there.  In any moment an event that could destroy all the sect could happen, and I was in the center of all.

“So, if she is not a thief, why does she have the Sect master token?” the not anymore thundering voice said.

My master told me to explain all, so I did. With every word I was saying, I could sense the movement of that master approaching with little quakes every time.  When I finished, I could see and giant turtle head. “What are you saying it’s the truth? Shameless! Shameless all of them! I would have killed myself if I knew that! They denied my teaching for some coins?! Shameless! And now the Sect master of MY sect is a mortal?! A mere mortal! I would have kill them all! ALL!”

He was furious. I was really sure that if that Sect Master and Elders were still alive, they would have suffered a worse death than what they got. He kept rambling and swearing word that I had never heard, but made me blush.

“Little girl —said the turtle—, do you know something about the history of my sect?”

I responded no, so he began to talk about how he met a human when he was a little turtle, this human take care of him and everyday he talked about cultivation. One day, the turtle didn’t understand how, but he began to really understand his words, and that was how he started his path. He was with his companion for many years, they had multiple adventures, and many of them almost cost their lives, but they kept walking the path. But one day, his companions fell in love with a beautiful woman. He was happy for him, and the woman also was good. Sometimes the three went on adventures, but it was not as much as before. One day, they simple decided to stop doing that and wanted to form a family. They had many kids, and teach them how to cultivate. All of them called “Uncle Turtle” and he was happy. Years and years passed, and finally his companion died. Sadness was not a feeling that he was used to but that time, tears of turtle rain for a long time.

Many of the children grow up and left, some stayed with their mother. He also stayed and watched them. The woman died, and also the sons, and their sons began to call him “Master Turtle”. He kept with them and teach the way of cultivation. Many people practice with him, and also other people who was not part of the family began to learn his ways. Generations passed, and he was called “Venerable Founder”. Since that time he was treated almost like a god, and when they moved to this city, they constructed this sanctuary in his honor.

He stayed here, because he thought it was the way to honor him. Every year the Sect Master came here and gave him offerings. He was not happy with that, but he thought it was the way of this new generation. Now that he knew all the truth, he thought that the legacy of his friend would be lost forever, and even with a lost of face. That was the worst thing it could happen. All this memories and happiness were dirty by human greed.

“Little girl, I need to ask you for a favor.”