89 Halftime

We went to a break room. There was someone that gave us two restorative pills per person. My Master inspected them, and say they were good, so I took them. I felt a warm sensation, and my ache began to disappear, and I mi vital qi was ben replenished. It was a shame that I could do the same thing with my elemental qi, it would require more time that we had. But at least, I would be in a better state.

I was enjoying the feeling when I saw that Meng’er went to me. He was happy. “You made it!” he said, and I nodded. Perhaps in he thought that I wouldn’t do it, or I was simply thinking too much, but it didn’t matter. I began to talk to him about our fights. He told me how he won his, and I explained him how I did it, but without telling bout the metal qi. He knew that I could manipulate a little of lighting qi so he was not surprised by that. For one part, I wanted to tell him the truth, but for the other part, I want to have an ace if I had to fight him, no… when I would fight him.

We were few of the people of was talking, the rest was quiet, and you could feel the tension. No one wanted to lose, and their fighting spirits were rising up. I think that If someone made a mistake, a fight would broke out right there, but that didn’t happen.

“Hey! There you are!” A voice that it was not familiar. It was Yuan Ling. She was smiling, she was wearing a red outfit that make it look like a beautiful man. I was a little jealous, I looked like a normal guy. She talked about the fights; he saw me fighting and was impressed. “Fighting with both of you would be a pleasure” said with a smile that could destroy nations.

We were the only group that keep talking while recuperating. The rest was very quiet and some of us looked us with contempt. “I think that we would be the target of many, don’t you think? —said Yuan Liang—, what about a little truce and fight against them until only we last?” That surprised Meng Shang and me. It would be a good idea, but I knew that I could trust him, but her? “I will not backstab you —she said—, what I want is fight both of you, how do I could do it if you lost before we can fight? Will be only temporally allies, but it’s better than nothing, don’t you think?”

We kept talking about that and I wanted to know if that wasn’t against the rules. ”The City Master said the rules —she explained—, he didn’t said that we can’t have a temporary alliance. In a free for all, everybody do what you want. So it would be a good idea, but make no mistake. I will win.’

Could we trust her? I felt that we could and also Meng Shang. So we make a deal.

And we kept talking until it was time to return to the stage.

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